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a mountain in the central Himalayas on the border of Tibet and Nepal (27,890 feet high)

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Mount Everest will always remain close to my heart, but in terms of demands, Mount Lhotse is technically a more difficult peak, though the fourth highest.
GILGIT -- Renowned Pakistani mountaineer Mohammad Ali Sadpara scaled the 8,516-metre Lhotse peak in Nepal, the fourth highest mountain in the world, an organiser of the expedition, Seven Summit Treks, on Friday confirmed to Dawn that Sadpara climbed the peak in Nepal.
The performance was inspired by a sensational view and it even had an audience - 15 other trekkers paid 10 dollars each to watch the musicians perform for 40 minutes at the summit of 6,654-meter (21,825-foot) high Mera Peak, which is close to Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse.
'If things are warming up and you get freeze and thaw, it can cause issues with rockfalls, particularly around the Lhotse Face, where you're open to things falling down from above.' In addition, some rock steps along the classic summit route are known to be rotten and can already be pulled away by climbers' hands.
The tailback in the image was captured on camera by German mountaineer Ralf Dujmovits as climbers shuffled along at around 25,000ft on the Lhotse Face stage of the ascent.
He led the trailblazing route up the Lhotse Face without oxygen and was part of the summit ridge team, cutting steps in the snow by, as he put it, stomping along like a robot.
Noida, May 28(ANI): Young Indian mountaineer Arjun Vajpayee, who has returned home after climbing Mount Lhotse, has said that it was a good and tough experience that would help him in the future to scale other peaks.
On Everest, George was one of the lead climbers, forging the route up the Lhotse Face without oxygen and later cutting steps for his partners up the summit ridge.
Since 2001, Indian Army has already summitted six out of these fourteen peaks viz Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Annapurna and now Dhaulagiri.
I was incredibly lucky to survive, but I didn't realise just how fortunate I had been until two years later, when I was involved in the extraction of my friend Dawa Sherpa, who had been killed by a flying rock on Everest's Lhotse Face between Camps 2 and 3.
The icefall is the point above Everest Base Camp where the Khumbu Glacier, which otherwise meanders serenely down the Western Cwm, is squeezed through the narrow gulf that divides the mountain's West Shoulder from the neighbouring peaks of Lhotse and Nuptse.
I've been on Lhotse [the world's fourth highest mountain] but it wasn't strictly a guiding trip.
Eighteen years in the Death Zone: Alan Hinkes's 8,000-metre ascents Shisha Pangma 1987 8013m Manaslu 1988 8156m Cho Oyo 1990 8201m Broad Peak 1991 8041m K2 1995 8611m Everest 1996 8850m Gasherbrun I 1996 8068m Gasherbrun II 1996 8035m Lhotse 1997 8516m Nanga Prabat 1998 8125m Makalu 1999 8462m Annpurna 2002 8091m Dhaulagirl 2004 8167m Kangchenjunga 2005 8586m