Leydig's cell

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a cell in the testes that secretes the hormone testosterone


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Testicular Leydig's cell hyperplasia: MR imaging and sonographic findings.
It is strongly suggestive of the diagnosis (*) Leydig's cells hyperplasia MRI detects more lesions than US and confirms bilaterality.
This study was conducted to know the toxic effects of organophosphate (Profenofos) pesticide an endocrine disruptor on leydig's cells in rabbits.
2007).Earlier studies on the endocrine disrupting chemicals with anti androgenic activity suggested that exposure to EDC's during sexual differentiation may induce atrophy of the male reproductive organs which causing hyperplasia of the leydig's cells due to disruption of the pituitary testicular feedback mechanisms (Kelce etal.
Experimental Design and Animals: For evaluation of the effects on leydig's cells a total of 40 male Rabbits Oryctolagus Cuniculus were used in this study.
Sertoli cells were also present inside the seminiferous tubules along with leydig's cells within interstitial space (Zidan2009).