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a largely agricultural county in central England

an industrial city in Leicestershire in central England

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Timbered treasure: Looking along the main table in the 1450 Guildhall at Lord Leycester Hospital.
The walk continues to the Lord Leycester Hospital which Dudley commandeered to house soldier pensioners and where army pensioners still live.
Leycester Holdings could not be contacted for comment.
The master of Lord Leycester Hospital, Lt Col Gerald Lesinski, says the building has running costs of more than PS100,000 per year: "We couldn't exist without the help that The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust and others have given us over the years.
Now Leycester has appealed and it is to go before a Planning Inspectorate which will hold an inquiry and an inspector will visit the site and make a recommendation.
Gerald Lesinski, master of the 630-year-old Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick, said it was less a problem of promotion and more a question of funding.
Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Next Generation Access, said: "The Normandy landings marked a turning point in world history and was an event that make what we are doing today possible so it is fitting that we are signing this contract here at the Lord Leycester Hospital.
The Master's Garden at the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick is a hidden gem, boasting a remarkable restoration of a 1850s style garden with herbs, vegetables and fruit.
The winner gets a reception at Warwick Racecourse for 40 guests, exclusive use of The Lord Leycester Hospital for the ceremony and photo opportunities, professional photography, a wedding car for the day, bridal accessories and accommodation for the bridal party.
Another great vocalist, Anita Wardell, is also making a very rare visit to the Midlands on Friday, May 12 to take part in a fundraising event for the Campaign to Protect Rural Britain at The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I and a relation of Richard Beauchamp, established the Lord Leycester Hospital in 1571 as a home for old soldiers and in 1617 James I was entertained to dinner there.
Among the featured buildings is the Lord Leycester Hospital, which has functioned as a home for retired soldiers since 1571.
The Lord Leycester Hiospital provides the atmospheric setting for music associated with medieval Spanish pilgrims performed by Concanantes next Tuesday, and music by VillaLobos and Piazzolla features in several programmes, including one from the CBSO's cello section at St Mary's Church on July 2.
TWO authors will talk about their work at the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick on Wednesday May 2.
Over the years the events promoted by Warwick Arts Society have become part of the traditional fabric of the month's celebrations, kicking off this year on December 9 with a programme of 'Christmas Musicke' performed by the York Waits at the medieval Lord Leycester Hospital.