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town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought

a city in eastern Kentucky

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The 1510 Lexington Avenue building is located between East 97th and East 98th streets.
Lexington Advisors, for example, pays such solicitors 25% of the referred client's revenues in the first year and 10% in subsequent years.
The corporate name change reflects a new marketing strategy that will emphasize individual brands over the Lexington name.
His business savvy, community involvement and attention to customer service have earned this hotel a prominent position in the Lexington market and I am confident that he will make valuable contributions to the promotion of Lexington as a destination for leisure and business travel.
Silverstein Properties will also serve as the management company for 575 Lexington Avenue.
The recent redevelopment of 485 Lexington Avenue by Green included replacement of 4,000 windows, upgrading of electric and HVAC capacities, new lobby and new storefronts together with an extensive re-branding program.
Janice Kilburn, Vice President, Business Banking Officer, will also be joining the team in Lexington.
Vornado's 715 Lexington Avenue project was ideal, given its central location within one of New York's busiest retail districts.
We are pleased to see that people are as excited about One Lexington as we are," says Rob Macdonald, managing partner, Lexington Avenue LLP.
To finance the acquisition, Lexington has arranged to obtain $67.
This new venture will capitalize on the strengths and expertise of both organizations, focus on enhancing asset values, and provide the highest level and quality of service and operational execution," says Robert Roskind, Chairman of Lexington Realty Trust.
Completed in the mid to late 1950's, the 31-story 485 Lexington Avenue and the 34-story 750 Third Avenue were built back to back and together occupy a full city block, from 46th and 47th Streets between Lexington and Third Avenues.
PHOENIX -- The Century Plaza condominium high-rise has been re-named One Lexington, the building's new owners, Lexington Avenue LLP, announced today.
7 million square feet at 750 Third Avenue and 485 Lexington from the teachers fund, TIAA-CREF.
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