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a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society

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Lex naturalis, neither a Christian nor other religion's idea, is mainly based on synderese, which is the innate ability of the human brain to learn the first principles of ethics: "do good, avoid evil."
Zilhardt eds., 2010) (hereinafter LEX NATURALIS, IUS NATURALIS)
(42) At the same time, these scholars agree with Rhonheimer in identifying the doctrine of the lex naturalis as a doctrine of practical reason.
Furthermore, sometimes the term lex naturalis is used as an equivalent of jus naturale--although Hobbes correctly makes the point of distinguishing lex from jus, referring to the former as "precepts" or "dictates of reason," and using the latter as right in the subjective sense (jus naturale).
La capacidad de ver las leyes del ser material nos incapacita para ver el mensaje etico contenido en el ser, un mensaje que la tradicion ha llamado lex naturalis, ley moral natural.