Salic law

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the code of laws of the Salian Franks and other German tribes

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Wallace-Hadrill, who argued that the Lex Salica may have served as an exemplar for AEthelberht without providing much historical or linguistic justification for his position.
Most of the syntactic features which have given AEthelberht's code an appearance of primitivism and archaism for contemporary scholarship, while they appear sporadically in Old English as well as in other early Germanic languages, are consistent features of some of the earliest Latin codes of the Frankish empire, the Lex Salica and Pactus Legis Alamannorum.
Monvmenta Germaniae Historica: Legum Nationum Germanicarum Tomi IV pars I, Pactus Legis Salicae; pars II, Lex Salica. Hanover: Hahn.
Lex salica: The ten texts with the glosses and the lex emendata.
But he rightly takes a very long view, setting imperial legislation of the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries in a long perspective stretching from Augustus to the post-Roman law codes, including the Lex Salica and the laws of the Lombards.