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the body of rules applied to commercial transactions

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Essa nova totalidade juridica do Direito Internacional--publico e privado--que eu identifico como uma nova "Lex Mercatoria", sera num futuro proximo a nova Constituicao juridica do mundo globalizado, condicionando e ate mesmo subordinando as Constituicoes nacionais as redes de relacoes juridicas internacionais que encontram a sua logica no livre fluxo de Mercadorias e capitais, portanto, na logica do Mercado.
(39) See Alec Stone Sweet, The New Lex Mercatoria and Transnational Governance, 13 J.
Characterizing the lex mercatoria as "private law," then, has particular connotations and consequences for its overall situation in a legal-regulatory context.
Yet the existence of mercantile custom and the explicit insertion of that custom into medieval mercantile disputes have led to the conclusion that there was an international lex mercatoria that created independently binding legal obligations.
Hence the solution in terms of commercial usage being part of lex mercatoria, as non-national contract and arbitration in equity that would exist outside the law is not possible.
Pellerin's discussion of 'Lex Mercatoria' demonstrates that migration policy is concerned primarily with the creation of economically marked subjects rather than nation building.
The 'lex sportiva' is comparable to the 'lex mercatoria' and the canon law of the global Catholic Church.