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United States labor leader who was president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1920 to 1960 and president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations from 1935 to 1940 (1880-1969)

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"Rydym ni'n mwynhau cwmni rhai o'n cefnogwyr ffyddlon iawn yn ystod yr wyl ond mae yna rywbeth i bawb yn yr wyl eleni a byddwn i'n annog unrhyw un sy'n hoffi clywed cerddoriaeth newydd, cyffrous, arbrofol a chyfoes i gael tocyn ac ymuno gyda ni ar gyfer yr hyn sy'n argoeli i fod yn wyl gofiadwy." | Er mwyn darganfod rhagor am Wyl Gerdd Bangor ymwelwch a | Y cyfansoddwyr Andrew Lewis, Sarah Lianne Lewis, John Metcalf, Gareth Moorcroft, Carlijn Metselaar, Maja Palser, Michael Parkin a Steph Power
We will be laying a wreath and setting off a firework rocket from each of the graves of: Clarence Carter, William Joseph Catton, Austin Gadd Connolly, Harry Edge, Albert William Goulding, John Richard Hatton, Edward Lally, Edward Lewis, John Rolt, Eric Smith, James Tallon, John Travers, Ernest Wright, Harry Grace - all Royal Artillery.
Mamet might, but audiences turning up to see Damian Lewis, John Goodman and Tom Sturridge giving larger-than-life performances certainly get their money's worth, even if only as a job lot.
The three of us were Fred Lewis, John James and me and I enclose a picture.
Cabinet stalwarts Edwina Hart and Jane Hutt stay, as do Lesley Griffiths, Huw Lewis, John Griffiths and Carl Sargeant.
About 120 people attended the banquet, including notable handballers, Naty Alvarado Sr., Naty Jr., Marcos Chavez, Jaime Paredes, Dennis Haynes, Fred Lewis, John Bike Jr., Rod Gaspar, Kelly Russell, Don Duarte, Mike Kogan, Danny Carrillo, Jerry Conine, Jim Ryan, and Tony Huante.
The work and accounts of apprentices Michael Henry, Glenn Lewis, John Reeve and Ian Steele and their contemporaries Tam Irving, Charmian Johnson and Wayne Ngan are an important part of this time and a part of a larger history." (p 20) Published by the Belkin Art Gallery at The University of British Columbia.
WHO SIGNED Dr Meredydd Evans, Rev Guto Prys Ap Gwynfor, Archbishop Barry Morgan, Prof Prys Morgan, Archdruid T James Jones, Prof Richard Wyn Jones, Emyr Lewis, Gwion Lewis, Beti George, John Elfed Jones, Rev Meirion Evans, Gillian Clarke, Father Seamus Cunnane, Sion Eirian, Llio Rhydderch, Rachel Trezise, Iwan Bala, Mary Lloyd Jones, Gerallt Lloyd Owen, Gwyneth Lewis, John Ogwen, Iola Gregory, Prof Peredur Lynch, Prof John Rowlands, Idris Reynolds, Dr Simon Brooks, Maureen Rhys, Ned Thomas, Prof Geraint H.
Speaking from his home on the Isle of Lewis, John, 60, told US columnist Trudy Rubin that Linda, 36, had accomplished a lot before her life was cut tragically short.
That means kicking off today with Group One which features Taylor, James Wade, Mervyn King, Ronnie Baxter, Adrian Lewis, John Part, Colin Lloyd and Alan Tabern.
At the time of his death he was working on an ambitious monograph entitled "Geneva in 1816: A Group Biography," a study of Lord Byron, Claire Clairmont, Matthew Gregory Lewis, John William Polidori, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (later Shelley), and Percy Bysshe Shelley.
THE STARS: Steve Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, Johnny Lewis, John Ovitz.
That honour can be given to one of four persons and that is because the first three blacks to be elected to Congress--from Louisiana in 1869 were never seated; these gentlemen included James Lewis, John Willis Menard, and Pinckney B.S.
Quinean Skepticism about De Re Modality after David Lewis, JOHN DIVERS
SCANNING the famous search engine website Google, their world news on Thursday had the following headed topics for the most important stories - King Kong, Ford Motor Company, CS Lewis, John Lennon and ...