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7, which received reference preparations (levocabastine and beclomethasone, respectively, 10 [micro]l / nostril).
It revealed a higher affinity toward [H.sub.1] receptor compared to [H.sub.2] and [H.sub.3] histaminergic receptors and its selectivity toward H1 receptor was superior to other ocular antihistamines such as ketotifen, pheniramine, and levocabastine. [8] Olopatadine is used in various allergic diseases, and its ophthalmic solution is used in allergic conjunctivitis.
Finally, 8 RCTs compared topical mast cell stabilizers (sodium cromoglycate, lodoxamide, and nedocromil sodium) with levocabastine, a topical antihistamine.
Effects of antiallergic agents including levocabastine on experimental rhinitis in rats.
Baehre, "Comparative efficacy and safety of azelastine and levocabastine nasal sprays in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis," Arzneimittel-Forschung, vol.
Smeyers et al., "Oral antiallergic activity in ascaris hypersensitive dogs: a study of known antihistamines and of the new compounds ramastine (R 57 959) and levocabastine (R 50 547)," Drug Development Research, vol.
During the total study period patients were allowed to use rescue medication (provided by us, i.e., levocetirizine tablets, xylometazoline nasal spray, and levocabastine eyedrops) or another allergy or asthma medication as long as they wrote it down on their diary cards (see below).