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a member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi (especially the branch that provided male assistants to the temple priests)

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this teaching in a book before the levitical priests": "Many
3) (Bulai 2005, 413), as part of an oath, he offers the king a sacerdotal status according to an order that does not have its origins in the Levitical priesthood (Dahood 2008, 116).
Davies agrees that Deuteronomy's origins must lie in Levitical circles, but suggests that it was promulgated by a cohort of Levites working throughout both Yehud and Samaria (p.
On the importance of this Scripture, economist Anthony Waterman writes that "all ethical consideration of inequality in the Christian West, and all political proposals for its cure, have their origin in the Levitical insight." (19) Similar policies regarding debt (e.g., in Deut.
According to Sand (2004: 1703), "[i]t is only on the basis of the imperfect Levitical priesthood" (Leviticus 7: 14-23; 8: 4) that what is being stated in the Epistle to the Hebrew about the high priest receives "special power and Christological significance." (see Hebrew 7: 11ff) This means that Christ's priesthood went beyond the quality of the priesthood of the Old Testament.
1862) (1816) (discussing the Levitical degrees of marriage and divorce ab initio).
Yet even if these Levitical concerns are indeed early, it seems that our text should be considered as a foreboding on Saul's part that finds full expression the following day when David's absence is now quite apparent.
For me, as I anxiously gleaned the precious wheat seed that spilled as we winnowed, I called to mind the story of Ruth, and the Levitical injunction to leave the gleanings and the edges of the fields for the poor and the alien.
Of course this is precisely what happens--ultimately the "kingdom" falls and the people are vomited out of the land, just as specified in the Levitical and Deuteronomic warnings.
Jesus altering the Levitical laws of the Old Testament, such as the
Similarly, Varghese finds it strange that we defend this Levitical law and not others.
Most of us are happy to leave all warnings and dire predictions buried in the Bible, somewhere deep and dark, down near the Levitical purity code.
We can imagine the Levitical musicians at the temple in Jerusalem leading a congregation in this jubilant song of celebration.
The king shall write out his own copy of the book of the laws to keep with the Levitical priests (17:18) and "fear the Lord his God" (17:19) and keep his statutes.
Virtually every government in the world today does its best to supplicate the rating agencies, willingly sacrificing our hospitals, our schools, our clean air and water, just as the Levitical priests brought their unblemished heifers and turtle doves to the altar, that the rain might fall in due season and the crops be blessed.