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the biblical institution whereby a man must marry the widow of his childless brother in order to maintain the brother's line

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But she is enough of a marked woman so that halitzah is her only option; she cannot enter a Levirate marriage.
Therefore, in order to reduce this risk of infection, there is need for changes to occur in cultural practices such as sexual cleansing, levirate marriage, polygyny, and extra-nuptial sexual relations.
This aim is more satisfactorily carried out in the last third of the volume which addresses the status of women, legal prohibitions against adultery, monogamy, polygamy, surrogate motherhood, infertility, the tension between responsibility to undertake a levirate marriage and the prohibition against incest, divorce, rape, murder, bastardy, conversion, and forcible separation of husbands from "foreign" wives.
2) For variations on this custom, now called levirate marriage, see the story of Tamar and Judah in Genesis 38 and the Torah legislation in Deuteronomy 25:5-10.
The preference for levirate marriage or for halitzah, the ritual release from the levirate obligation, varied, depending on the period and the locale.
Howard Adelman's comparative examination of customs and practice surrounding levirate marriage among Ashkenazic and Sephardic communities is not, as the topic might suggest, an arid study in religious law, but a careful analysis of Jewish marriage law in its social, economic, religious and personal contexts.
O'Connor; "Ruth, Tamar and Levirate Marriage," by Gene M.
It therefore seems singularly ironic that a midrashic tradition identifies Judah as the first person to practice levirate marriage when he commands his second son to perform it after the death of his oldest son, Tamar's first husband (Gen.
In twenty-two chapters, the author explores familiar stories, from Adam and Eve to David and Bathsheba to Ruth and Boaz, and also looks at a number of issues: infertility, Levirate marriage, rape, and Ezra's expulsion of foreign women.
If her deceased husband's brother has intercourse with her, he acquires her as his wife [entering into levirate marriage with her.
76) The Jewish notary Rabbi Pompeo del Borgo resorted to it to ensure that his daughters-in-law would not be rapacious, and other husbands invoked it to help their widows' escape the potential extortion that sometimes accompanied the ritual of being freed from a Levirate marriage.
Confronting this question, several medieval halakhists proposed extra-textual possibilities, including sophisticated legal discussions pertaining to levirate marriage.
32] Assessing what appears to be an extended example of levirate marriage, [33] modern commentators are quick to point out the relegation of the woman to just the personification of her reproductive powers in order to ensure the continued name for her dead husband.
Boaz's levirate marriage to Ruth not only restored the continuity of land ownership by the kin of Elimelech, but restored his name to his town gate--that is, restored his reputation.