amitriptyline hydrochloride

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a tricyclic antidepressant drug (trade name Elavil) with serious side effects

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THOSE OF US IN OUR 60S AND BEYOND REMEMBER SOMETHING like this from our youthful Good Fridays: After what seemed like an eternity of Latin readings (mostly John's account of the Passion), followed by another eternity (during which the interesting part was seeing if you could actually get both knees on the kneeler before the pastor semi-chanted, "Levate"), we got something more than words: a procession.
Levate in excelsum oculos vestros, et videte quis creavit haec; ideo dicit, Quoniam videbo caelos tuos, opera digitormn tuorum.
Along the two trips, deceptively distinct at face value, personal and collective memories are invariably recalled by the narrators to interpret and e levate the difficult situations the main characters of the two novels pass through.
Levate) Ommpotens sempiterne Almighty and eternal God, who Deus, qui ludcaos etiam a tua dost also not exclude from thy misericordia non repellis: mercy the Jews: hear our exaudi preces nostras, quas prayers, which we offer for pro illius populi obcxcatione the blindness of that people; deferimus; ut, agnita that acknowledging the light veritatis tuce lute, quce of thy Truth, which is Christ, Christus est, a suis tenebris they may be delivered from eruantur.
Una mandra in fuga, dei dorsi curvi e delle folli gambe levate davanti [[begin strikethrough]un passo cavalleria[end strikethrough]] al trotto sgangherato di una cavalleria incapace di correre su [96] un selciato ...
(9) Translated by Barr, The Monophonic Lauda, 48-51, who also quotes the two stanzas quoted here: Levate gl ochi resguardate morto e cristo ogi per nui le mano e i pie en croce a chiavate aperto el lato o triste nui piangiamo et feciamo lamento e nariamo del suo tormento.
It was equipped with an inspiratory limb connected to a high flow system (FlowMeter, Levate, Italy) with adjustable oxygen inspiratory fraction (Fi[O.sub.2]); the expiratory limb was connected to an expiratory valve that allows the maintenance of a positive pressure through the application of a mechanic spring valve or a water valve.