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(formerly) a native or inhabitant of the Levant

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It tells of the Hellenized cosmopolitanism and colonial subalternity, uncanny hybridity into necolonialism, "polypolis" and Levantines that subverted the culture and led to what is now a polyglot shambles that urgently needs to be sorted out, so that the region may be studied again and corrected.
m like the Levantines do, so it is possible to distinguish them from the people of Cairo, the Nile Delta and Alexandria.
They were built either by prominent Levantines or by European merchants or consuls residing in the city.
Typical Levantines acted at the top of the hierarchy of class of intermediaries governing the relations of the Ottoman Empire with the outside world; coming before, generally richer than, and individually collaborating and socially in competition with, respectively, Greeks, Armenians and Jews, all on the background of the decline of the Empire, in a regime characterized by the capitulations and other privileges, foreign debt and outside intervention into politics.
IZMIR, Aug 1, 2009 (TUR) -- Levantine mansions in the Aegean province of Izmir are under protection, mayor said on Friday.
The Guide's authors had an eye for the exotic, and so they note that "although the fez h as given way to the snap-brim, and the narghile has been abandoned for cigarettes, the coffee houses and the tobacco and confectionery shops of the Levantines still remain.