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(formerly) a native or inhabitant of the Levant

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The Levantine unfolded a table-cloth, red and yellow, vulgar, hideous, and grotesque.
Imperturbably, but smiling no more, the Levantine passed with his wares to another table.
Ah, you call yourself Oriental, a Levantine, Maltese, Indian, Chinese; your family name is Monte Cristo; Sinbad the Sailor is your baptismal appellation, and yet the first day you set foot in Paris you instinctively display the greatest virtue, or rather the chief defect, of us eccentric Parisians, -- that is, you assume the vices you have not, and conceal the virtues you possess.
Levantines are caught in the vortex of dramatic socio-political changes that are beyond their control.
Accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Greeks in Asia is a showcase and analysis of ancient Greek art, exploring how Greek culture influenced a wealth of other civilizations, including those of Anatolians, Levantines, Persians, Asiatics, Indians, and Chinese.
It tells of the Hellenized cosmopolitanism and colonial subalternity, uncanny hybridity into necolonialism, "polypolis" and Levantines that subverted the culture and led to what is now a polyglot shambles that urgently needs to be sorted out, so that the region may be studied again and corrected.