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(formerly) a native or inhabitant of the Levant

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Levantines are caught in the vortex of dramatic socio-political changes that are beyond their control.
With my new seasoned culinary team by my side, I look forward to delivering Yansoon's Ramadan menu this year and creating new and inspired Levantine dishes.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: The Levantine Institute of Tripoli -- unique in its location and core mission -- welcomed the local community and potential students to a rooftop event last weekend in anticipation of the center's opening later this month.
Altogether, we had a very pleasant evening enjoying the best Levantine cooking with a hint of Paris.
Made up of popular dishes from Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Palestine, Syria and Turkey, it truly is a celebration of Olea's Levantine heritage.
Kemp is a multi-lingual translator, but she was noted by judges for her focus on contemporary Arabic literature, particularly her "translation of the controversial Bride of Amman by Fadi Zaghmout (Signal 8 Press, 2015)," which was praised for its "faithfulness to the Levantine dialect[.
A member of the Levantine Cultural Center's stand-up comedy show the Sultans of Satire since 2005, Kader can also be seen in Palestinian-Italian comedian Dean Obeidalah's documentary The Muslims Are Coming.
As for brewing reactions to the Russian Orthodox Church's proclaimed "Holy War", Levantine minorities and Christians in particular, would be the first to suffer as a consequence, the minister concluded.
The sources said that, over the last two months, the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has rapidly advanced across the Aleppo Governorate's northeastern territories, capturing large swathes territory from the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Levantine Front (Jabhat Al-Shamiyah) amid their devastating losses at the Tal Abyad border-crossing into Turkey from the Raqqa Governorate.
A shop in Church Street offered to recover those faithful but worn-out brollies with levantine silk for the bargain price of 3/9.
The 54-year-old was told that her maternal blood line, which goes back thousands of years, is Levantine.
ROTULA A The kneecap B Roman catapult C Levantine weight who am I?
The works were put on display during an exhibition entitled Local/Not Local that is being mounted at the Inside/Outside Gallery of the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles.
Souleyman, known for his trademark Middle Eastern keffiyeh and dark sunglasses, will perform his songs, which combine the tunes of the Egyptian musical genre Shbi with the rhythm of the Levantine Arab folk dance dabke.