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(formerly) a native or inhabitant of the Levant

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To name but a few examples, the sites of Jezreel and Samaria--regarded by the authors as crucial to the chronological framework for south Levantine archaeology--are dated to the ninth century BC on the basis of correlations made between these sites and the biblical texts which mention the building activities of the Omride Dynasty, traditionally dated to the ninth century BC.
Many contributors in the following two sections address the difficulties of attributing assemblages to the Ahmarian or the Levantine Aurignacian.
Levantine could be spotted pulling his rider's arms out into the home turn in the mile banded race with nowhere to go, and it looked like staying like that until Milczarek squeezed past the weakening Estrella Levante, though she still had fully four lengths to make up on Crimson Star.
In what was for me the most interesting methodological paper in this volume, Melinda Zeder considers the diverse roles of wild and domestic pigs - their requirements, behavior, management, productivity, and taboos - in the subsistence regimes of both Near Eastern and southern Levantine (material from Tel Halif) societies.
He said a persistent conflict between Turkey and Cyprus, on one side, and Israel and Lebanon, on the other, could threaten prospects, particularly given that final demarcation of maritime borders would now have to follow hydrocarbon discoveries in the Levantine basin.
Anatolia is the most direct land route into Europe from the Levantine corridor and, more distally, from Africa.
175-229) deal with such matters as Anatolian, Cypriote, North Greek, and Levantine connections and radiocarbon dates; the date of the eruption of Thera and the Late Minoan IA period, of critical importance for Manning; and a final "approximate" Minoan Bronze Age chronology in chart form (p.
NNA - Maronite patriarch Beshara Rahi, partook in events and services organized by Levantine Churches in the Vatican where he met with prelates and designated head of the Oriental Churches cardinal Leonardo Sandri.
The Levantine starlet has a reputation for getting what she wants, but Ahmed wasn't going to pander to any of her diva demands.
Following his September visit to Lebanon, the pope has decided to devote further efforts to encourage Levantine Christians to stay in their home countries.
In sections on place, daily practice, and power, they consider such topics as movement across the landscape and residential stability in the southern Levantine Early Bronze Age; subsistence actions at Catalhoyuk; the practice of decorating Late Neolithic pottery in northern Mesopotamia; whether early Islamic pottery indicates a revolution in diet and dining habits; Assyrians, Aramaeans, and the indigenous peoples of Iron Age southeastern Anatolia; and the Hittite state.
Many of these sites have become famous in the literature of Levantine prehistory; sites such as Uum Qatafa, et-Tabban, Abu Sif and Tor Abu Sif, Uum Zoueitina and Erq-el-Ahmar contained assemblages which range from Lower Palaeolithic to Natufian; the Upper Palaeolithic levels at Erq-el-Ahmar were used by Neuville (1934) to develop his scheme for the Upper Palaeolithic sequence in the Levant (UP I-VI).
Consequently, the vast population movements along the Levantine coast are for him hardly more than a few scattered mutinies of mercenaries and auxiliary forces.
Let the Lebanese and Levantine Christians tentatively try at least to resolve the conflict, he exclaimed after reading verses from the New Testament's Gospels of Mathew.
Sandy has accused the Levantine start of banning her from performing at a charity event held in Dubai last week.