Lev Davidovich Bronstein

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Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army

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Lev Davidovich Bronstein nacio en Yanovka, Ucrania.
48 Lev Davidovich Bronstein was the original name of which (in)famous revolutionary?
initials for Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Trotsky's birth name), told Heer of "exchang[ing] banter with Wolfowitz about Trotsky, the Moscow Trials and Max Shachtman" during a Washington party last February.
Sonja's father was a Russian by the name of Leon Trotsky (not to be confused -- as happens in the novel -- with Lev Davidovich Bronstein, who was also known by that name), while her mother, Gudrun Sammler, was one of four children of the Lanskroun Sudeten-German landowners (the author has three siblings, and was brought up by his Ukrainian grandfather and German grandmother from Lanskroun).