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discharge of white mucous material from the vagina


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Extracts from various parts of these plants are used in the preparation of many herbal medicines for the traditional treatment of abdominal pain, infections, leucorrhoea, chronic ulcer gonorrhea and obesity [7, 8].
Herbal treatment for vaginal discharge and to get rid of leucorrhoea is the best option in this matter.
In spite that no use in traditional medicine has been described particularly for Ficus Aripuanensis, some species of the Ficus genus are used in folk medicine for their antihelmintic, antirheumatic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiulcer and anti-inflammatory properties, in leucorrhoea and leprosy [2, 3].
Other indicative signs and symptoms may include a pressing pain in the uterine region, a debilitating leucorrhoea between menses and a history of motion sickness.
Tea made from parched egg shells or green coffee is good for leucorrhoea.
Kudu laos jamu is believed to be good for hypertension and for improving blood circulation; Jamu pahitan relieves the itching caused by allergies, parasitic infections and diabetes mellitus; Jamu cabe puyang is good for muscle stiffness and fatigue; whilejamu sinom refreshes and cools the body; Jamu beras kencur improves the appetite and relieves fatigue; Jamu kunci suruh is helpful in cases of leucorrhoea or excessive vaginal discharge, and jamu uyup-uyup stimulates lactation.
LEUCORRHOEA: To cure leucorrhoea, take half table spoon of bitter gourd juice twice a day regularly for a month or two.
Traditionally people used the roots for the treatment of tuberculosis, leprosy, laxative, aphrodisiac, skin disease, antipyretic and leaves in malaria, gonorrhea, eczema, opthalmia, and leucorrhoea [24].
Locally and internally excellent results are obtained from Hydrastis in leucorrhoea, both vaginal and uterine.
The tiny mineral stones on the garment claim to provide multiple benefits, including fat-burning, body-firming, waist-shrinking, clearing of leucorrhoea, preventing haemorrhoids and relieving constipation.
For this reason, the people in this area are highly susceptible to Tuberculosis Women suffer from anemia and other gynaecological diseases like leucorrhoea, primarily because they lack the time to maintain their personal hygiene and to take rest adequately during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy.
Recently, however, I found out about a disorder that could be mistaken for thrush, known as Leucorrhoea.
Data collected as per maternal history of fever >72 hours prior to delivery, rash, leucorrhoea, premature rupture of membrane, prolonged labour, neonatal history of age and birth weight with signs and symptoms of infection, feeding difficulty, respiratory distress, irritability, oliguria, jaundice, diarrhoea, convulsion, hypothermia.