letters of administration

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legal document naming someone to administer an estate when no executor has been named

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Family cases, including custody of minors succession certificate, letter of administration insolvency and maintenance, should be decided within six months.
Care home bosses told the family it is their policy to hand back money only after they have received a letter of administration.
Having some experience in probate matters, I informed him before he left that obtaining the letter of administration is not just at a snap of the fingers, it followed a process but if he was painstaking and patient, the letter would be duly processed so that they can rightfully claim what belonged to their father's estate.
The NADRA Chairman further observed that in any event the courts require NADRA Family Tree before grant of Letter of Administration and Succession Certificate.
The couple had another son, Jamie, 16, but he is not named in the Letter of Administration filed last Friday at the Probate Registry in Newcast le Upon Tyne.