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Synonyms for inequality


Synonyms for inequality

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for inequality

lack of equality

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The SCD-HeFT trial was designed to determine whether implantable defibrillator therapy with conventional heart failure drug therapy improves overall survival when compared to conventional drug therapy and a placebo in patients with clinical symptoms of heart failure and an ejection fraction of less than or equal to 35 percent.
The company has become the world's first to offer a PMD of less than or equal to 0.
The derivative written for the Rock Garden is designed to pay out when the temperature is less than or equal to 8.
Among all patients who received 500 milligrams daily of citicoline, 53% achieved a score of greater than or equal to 95 on the Barthel Index at 12 weeks, indicative of complete or near-complete recovery from stroke, compared with 33% of placebo-treated patients, a 61 percent improvement in outcome (p less than or equal to 0.
The 6510i's shallow trench isolation offers flexible profile control of 83 to 89 degree variability with profile uniformity less than or equal to 5 percent (3 sigma) that is independent of pattern density; etch uniformity of less than or equal to 5 percent (3 sigma); bottom and optional top corner rounding; and compatibility with both photoresist and hard mask applications.