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Estolides are fatty acids derived from high oleic-acid oilseed crops such as sunflower, canola, and lesquerella.
Chile de pajaro America Lesquerella argyraea (Gray) -- Mexico Wats.
The occurrence of the Lesquerella here is remarkable, as it is the only station for the species outside of its known range in the Central Basin of Tennessee and the Inner Bluegrass in Kentucky.
Examples of monitoring efforts include intense demographic monitoring for Astragalus bibullatus; population size/condition monitoring for Lesquerella stonensis, Pityopsis ruthii, Conradina verticillata and Lesquerella perforata; and presence/absence monitoring for Arabis perstellata and Spiraea virginiana.
Very long chain and hydroxylated fatty acids in offspring of somatic hybrids between Brassica napus and Lesquerella fendleri.
The use of vegetable oils such as linseed (flaxseed), tung, lunaria, lesquerella, crambe, rapeseed, castor, veronia, etc.
pampae * * * * Baccharis rufescens * * * * Lesquerella mendocina * * * * Trichocline sinuata * * * * Calceolaria brunelliifolia * * * * Maihueniopsis ovata * * * * Polygala stenophylla * * * * Brachyclados lycioides * * * * Stevia aff.
While Greenlee and Callaway (1996) reported negative effects of bunchgrasses on a rare Lesquerella species in a wet year and facilitation during a relatively dry year, Casper (1996) has found that drought did not intensify either positive or negative interactions between Chihuahuan desert shrubs and the herbaceous perennial Cryptantha flava.
Another recent discovery, Lesquerella tuplashensis, as well as a new plant called Eriogonum codium, were found not long ago thriving on the grounds of Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation.
A Lesquerella mustard in Colorado bears the species name vicina, meaning neighborly.
While this is good news for Lesquerella, ironically it means that Missouri has just lost the only endemic unique to the state.
In this study, we experimentally investigate genetic effects of germination timing and environment in the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri.
Emerging crops like lesquerella (a desert shrub) are being researched for non food uses, one of which is lipstick.
Lesquerella oil, an experimental oil that contains [C.