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the sea personified

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However, the final score is only a simple combination of the different components without reflecting the actual HVAC system energy efficiency, and therefore, does not accomplish the objectives of the LER.
No significant interactions were found between the amount of roostertree incorporated into the soil and the PDs in terms of partial land equivalent ratio for arugula ([PLER.sub.A]), carrot ([PLER.sub.C]) and lettuce ([PLER.sub.L]), LER, PEI or canonical variable Z score (Figure 2A-F and Table 1).
Along the way, Ler Devagar has made something else that may be just as important: an ample number of places for writers to take their coffee.
This LER explanation fits with previous observations: as the surfactant concentration increases, there is a point at which the LPS aggregates start to break down, but still exist in partial aggregates.
Before joining ACE in 2013, Ler worked in RSA Group as the regional director for Underwriting, Claims and Reinsurance overseeing personal lines, commercial and corporate business segments in Asia and before that, was the regional commercial lines director for Asia and the Middle East.
There are two major developments under the LER as opposed to the Previous Regulations in respect of the definition of 'large exposure':
For the three months ended 30 September 2012, LER's total revenues were $24.9 million, which were comprised of $24.8 million of oil revenues and $33,000 of gas revenues.
Dergi: Makale yazarinin soyadi, adinin basharf(ler)i, makalenin adi, yayinlandigi derginin adi (Index Medicus'taki kisaltma adi), yil, cilt no ve sayfa numaralari belirtilmelidir.
Mi l ler, 20, of Balado, Perthshire, was remanded in custody until next month after he admitted committing a series of car crimes a month after being freed on bail.
Na secao I, ao discorrer sobre o diagnostico das LER/DORT, a fibromialgia foi incluida no item 6.3 nos seguintes termos: As fibromialgias sao predominantes em certos pacientes com LER, como os telefonistas.
A univariate analysis of variance for randomized complete block design was performed in order to evaluate [LER.sub.c], LER and YEI, once the assumptions of normality, homocedasticity and additivity were satisfied.
WHEN SAW LER MOO AND HIS WIFE returned from tending their betel palms, Little Dog yipping stupidly at their heels, the village headwoman was waiting to tell them the order.
The efficiency of intercropping system can be evaluated by the land equivalent ratio (LER), defined as the total area required under sole cropping to produce the equivalent yields obtained under intercropping.
Os resultados de estudos realizados nas ultimas tres decadas sugerem que o processamento fonologico desempenha um papel crucial na aprendizagem da leitura em um sistema de escrita alfabetico (ver, por exemplo, Snowling, 2004; ver Barrera & Maluf, 2003; Capovilla, Gutschow & Capovilla, 2004; Cardoso-Martins, 1991, 1995; Maluf & Barrera, 1997; Salles & Parente, 2002, para resultados de estudos investigando a relacao entre o processamento fonologico e a habilidade de leitura de criancas aprendendo a ler em portugues).