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the sea personified

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Proprietary proteases may also help in those cases where protein excipients are thought to be causing LER.
The LER provides that exposures to a single borrower or its/his group that exceeds 10% of the bank's capital base is to be considered as a large exposure, however the large exposure category limit for that borrower or its/his group may not be exceeded.
Ao revisar a literatura e considerar os fatores traumaticos, em especial aqueles relativos ao trabalho, na etiologia da fibromialgia, o estudo de Riberto10 nos remete novamente a uma problematica que ja esteve presente nas discussoes sobre LER, e hoje esta posta no que concerne a fibromialgia: o reconhecimento dessa patologia como doenca ocupacional.
Comparing results of YEI and LER, indexes indicative of relative advantage of combined production, one can note that they both were coincident in identifying 'Brasilia' carrot and crispleaf lettuce varieties, and among these, 'Lucy Brown', as those showing better performance, and 'Elisa' looseleaf variety having the worst performance.
Saw Ler Moo watched a panicked dog snap at its owner, only to be slashed from behind by two other men.
Um ponto muito importante: nao tira maior nota o aluno que ler mais livros.
Foram utilizadas as seguintes palavras-chave: LER, DORT, enfermagem, e foram encontradas 15 publicações.
Julio David Roque Ler came all the way from Argentina just to do his best impersonation of the rope-a-dope in the super flyweight co-main event against Mexico's Jorge Arce.
World-class flyweight Jorge Arce is also massively odd-on takes on Argentina scrapper David Ler in California, and its hard to see the Mexican having many problems.
En lo referente a los jefes, sobresale la correlacion de la variable "problemas con los jefes como fuente de tension y cansancio" con la manifestacion de disturbios mentales menores y LER.
In the vast, swampy land of the Nuer in southern Sudan, Ler lies on the banks of the greaat White Nile.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of New Storage Tank No-7 & 8 at village Ler, Ta.