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Ability of the blind snake, Leptotyphlops dulcis, to follow pheromone trails of army ants, Newamyrmex nigrescens and N.
Hedges named the new snake Leptotyphlops carlae to honor his wife Carla Ann Hass.
Given the name Leptotyphlops carlae, the snake is believed to be at or near the minimum size possible for snakes.
The new species, named Leptotyphlops carlae, is smaller than any of the other 3,100 previously known snake species, according to Pennsylvania State University biologist Blair Hedges, who also had helped find the world's smallest frog and lizard.
Named Leptotyphlops, the reptile is thin as a strand of spaghetti and when fully grown is just 4ins long.
US evolutionary biologist Dr Blair Hedges, who made the find, said the snake, given the name Leptotyphlops carlae, is the smallest of the 3100 snake species.
Leptotyphlops Carlae has just been discovered in Barbados.
Trionyx spiniferus 1 Squamata Scincella lateralis 6 1 Sceloporus undulatus 2 Sceloporus olivaceus 1 1 Hemidactylus turcicus 4 Elaphe obsoleta * Leptotyphlops dulcis 3 Nerodia erythrogaster 4 Tantilla gracilis 3 Thamnophis marcianus 2 Virginia striatula 4 Total 56 4 5 135 8 % 10.
Los Coronados (islas Norte and Sur) SQUAMATA (Snakes) Leptotyphlopidae Leptotyphlops humilis Cedros Pythonidae Lichanura trivirgata Cedros, Natividad Colubridae Chilomeniscus stramineus Cedros, Magdalena Diadophis punctatus Todos Santos (Isla Sur), San Martin Eridiphas slevini Santa Margarita Hypsiglena torquata Cedros, Los Coronados (all islands), San Martin Lampropeltis [herrerae.
Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus, for example, is distributed from the Sahara to the Sind.
Chilomeniscus cinctus, Leptotyphlops humilis, Tantilla hobartsmithi), species associated with bottoms of valleys (e.
World's smallest snake: Blair Hedges, of Pennsylvania State University, discovered the world's smallest snake, Leptotyphlops carlae.
He is naming it Leptotyphlops carlae in honor of his wife, Carla Ann Hass, he says in a report published online in Zootaxa.