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100 lepta equal 1 drachma in Greece

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Furthermore, mass parameters of [M.sub.l] could also be expressed with masses of charged leptons, that is, [23]
There are also six types of leptons discovered so far, which are electron, muon, and tau particles and their corresponding neutrinos.
From the experimentally accessible quantities, four triple products can be formed: R J * (p X s), D J * (p X [p.sub.v]), V J * (P X s), L P * (p X s), where J is the spin of the parent system, s, p are the spin and momentum of the detected lepton, P denotes the momentum of the recoil system and [p.sub.v] stands for the momentum of the unobserved neutrino.
By the early 1960s, researchers had already discovered four leptons: the electron, its more massive and negatively charged cousin the muon, and a neutrino associated with each of them.
It may be that twelve leptons are all the leptons there are.
Along with the electron and muon, the tau particle and three varieties of neutrinos are now firmly established as members of the lepton group of subatomic particles.
Leptons, however, are fundamental particles, which cannot be broken down into simpler ones (as far as we now know), while hadrons are composite particles and are made up of quarks.
The standard model also includes a theory called quantum chromodynamics, which describes how quarks bind together via the strong force, and a unified theory of the electromagnetic force and weak interaction, which governs how leptons and quarks interact.
One can arrange fermions into generations, each generation consisting of two quarks and two leptons. The first generation consists of the up and down quarks, which make up protons and neutrons, and the electron and the electron-neutrino.
That model assumes ordinary matter consists of two types of particles, quarks and leptons, and that the forces between them are carried by particles known as bosons.
Ting and others believe that precise measurement of leptons will be an important way of discovering new phenomena at these ultrahigh energies.
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