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a mischievous elf in Irish folklore

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It's like a framework with six tracks on it and the leprechauns will be mechanically moved along.
Montgomery added: "Yesterday at this time I used the word leprechaun to describe golfer Rory McIlroy.
At least that's the Leprechaun population as estimated by Edward "Himself'' Sheridan, who spearheaded the 39th annual Leprechaun Parade and Awards on Saturday.
I did use a lot of those old elements and a lot of actual history, and then just tied it in with a new story, that really had the Leprechaun helping people.
When Ellen told Brendan her mum classed him as a figment of her imagination, the leprechaun was furious, and the family had all sorts of bad luck.
Coun Leddy said: "They were an international bunch of leprechauns.
Leprechaun beard Team this with the hat for a perfect Irish costume.
Nonsense," Granny said, placing a plate of scrambled eggs before the leprechaun.
The event will take place on Saturday, March 17, and will see Middlesbrough''s Centre Square taken over by a host of leprechauns aiming to raise money for the hospice.
The task of marking the in-form strike partnership of Brendan Stafford and Colleen McSorley has proved a stern challenge for some of league's most competent defenders to date but the Leprechauns cause was further hindered as they were forced to play the game with only eight players.
Once there were two leprechauns walking in the woods on a fine March day.
Her friends tell her that leprechauns do not exist, so she writes a letter to find out if this is true.
New works include The Fireworks (noisy fireworks go off in a room) and Two Leprechauns (leprechauns greeting each other in different languages).
Saint Patrick's Day (named for the Patron Saint of Ireland)--As we can't call it Lucky Leprechaun Day because that may offend some short people who are neither lucky nor affiliated with Leprechauns, and as the politically correct would be against alcohol usage being associated with Irishmen (okay, Irish people), which rules out "Irish Pub Day," and as the only thing the politically correct really seem to like about the day is all the green color that goes with it, we'll change the holiday to "Bring a Shrub to Work Day.
A Gnome's Story, a metaphysical introduction to the world of Gnomes, Faeries, Elves, and Leprechauns.