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Taxa Subarea Biotopes Didelphimorphia Didelphidae Didelphis albiventris Lund, 1840 A2, A3 DF, DI Lutreolina crassicaudata A1, A2, A3 MA (Desmarest, 1804) Cingulata Dasypodidae Dasypus hybridus (Desmarest, 1804) A3 MA Dasypus novemcinctus Linnaeus, 1758 A2, A3 DF, DI, MA Euphractus sexcinctus A3 MA (Linnaeus, 1758) Lagomorpha Leporidae Lepus europaeus (Pallas 1778) A1, A2, A3 DF, DI, MA Carnivora Canidae Lycalopexgymnocercus A1, A2, A3 DF, DI, MA (G.
European hare Lepus europaeus (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) an invasive species in Peru
They analyzed 35 different families, such as Bovidae (bison, sheep, antelopes); Cricetidae (rats, mice, hamsters, voles); Equidae (horses, donkeys); Ursidae (bears); Mammutidae (mammoths); and Leporidae (rabbits and hares).
There was also strong evidence that width, depth and volume of faecal pellets are well predicted by body weight, and therefore may be able to help predict age class in the Leporidae (Zahratka & Buskirk 2007).
Summer foods of the Aubobons cottontail (Sylvilagus Auduboni: Leporidae) on Texas panhandle playa basins.
What type of creatures are members of the animal family Leporidae?
From the train, I often see wild rabbits springing across the tracks and sometimes, a lovely black and white bunny, which can't possibly be wild, crouched at the sidelines like 'trainspotter leporidae'.
Saturday, including Audiometic, Chopstick, (co)sine, Du Hexen, Eric Ostowski, IDX1 274, Leporidae, Nymphs or Satyrs, Raperies Like Draperies, Stimbox, the Sunken, UFO as Bacteria, Want for Nothing, Chris Chariot, Warning Broken Machine, Kiowd and Xdugef.
Not only can I find rabbits pretty much instantly, but over on the right are all the subject headings in case I want rabbit breeds, or perhaps rabbit cookery, or maybe just plain rabbits as a subject, or maybe just leporidae. It's all right there.
Order Lagomorpha Family Leporidae (rabbits and hares) Leporidae, genus undetermined 43669 incomplete upper tooth.
One patient had contact with a rabbit (Family Leporidae) that became ill after exposure to an ill prairie dog at a veterinary clinic.
The Romans, ever looking for ways to feed their legions, began sending rabbits back to Italy at about this time, fattening them up in warrens known as leporaria (rabbits belong to the family Leporidae, the genus Oryctolagus cuniculus).
Aztlanolagus (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) is currently considered a monotypic genus from the Irvingtonian NALMA.