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Reproduction, diet and habitat use of Leopard Sharks, Triakis semifasciata (Girard), in Humboldt Bay, California, USA.
In Mugu Lagoon, a small estuary in southern California, gray smoothhound (Mustelus californicus), a species similar to leopard shark, also commonly were observed passing through culverts that linked the western basin with the greater lagoon (Saiki, 1997).
The three most common species (bat ray, leopard shark, and shovelnose guitarfish) comprised more than 90% of the catch in most individual derbies and 96% of the cumulative derby catch, with bat rays being the most abundant species in nearly every derby.
The racket was detected when a pet trade distributor in Miami was caught with 18 baby leopard sharks from California.
The leopard shark occurs from Baja California, Mexico, to Oregon; maximum confirmed size is 180 cm TL (Kato et al.
An adult leopard shark was fed a pressure insensitive pH probe with attached data-logger (110 mm X 10 mm - 80 g) and was subsequently fed different rations of squid over a 14 d period.
He brings sand with him, and stories: of a giant ray, or a leopard shark.
WILDLIFE SMUGGLER: Moonie minister Kevin Thompson, right, of Jarrow, and above, a leopard shark pup - which can grow to 7ft.
See if you can spot any leopard shark silhouettes below, from $50; oeexpress.
HOOKED With her new pals SPOT ON Leopard shark has a nosy FIN THE DEEP END Sinead Noonan with bonnethead shark in Sealife Centre in Bray, Co, Wicklow, yesterday
Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibits similar underwater environments and sea life; the flower hat jelly fish, bottom inset, is one of the many species of animals and plants on display at the aquarium; an aquarium visitor gets a diver's-eye view of a leopard shark.
Fred Oakley, Hawthorne, leopard shark, 40-10, Oceanside, May 13, 1994.
Most common is the leopard shark, which is shy and harmless to humans.
Once inside the tunnels, ``divers'' are free to explore at their own pace, stopping as long as they like to follow the motions of a leopard shark, a bat ray, monkeyface eel or other creature that captures their interest.