Leonurus cardiaca

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bitter Old World herb of hedgerows and woodland margins having toothed leaves and white or pale pink flowers

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The aim of the present study was to investigate the analgesic activities of aerial part of Leonurus cardiaca using three analgesic tests in mice.
The other groups received different doses of Leonurus cardiaca extract (125, 250, and 500 mg/kg).
Mice were treated with morphine (10 mg/kg), normal saline, and Leonurus cardiaca (125,250, and 500 mg/kg).
The treatment of mice with Leonurus cardiaca resulted in an inhibition of the formalin-induced licking in the early phase and inflammatory pain (late phase) of the formalin test.
Plant species that contained no yeast were removed from list: Hemerocallis fulva, Melilotus alba, Silene noctiflora, Silene vulgaris, Trifolium repens, Vitia cracca, Viola striata Total sample Aureobasidium Candida Plant species N pullulans [dagger] bombi Silene latifolia (F) 366 107 5 Silene latifolia (M) 340 101 6 Asclepias syriaca 3 1 Barbarea vulgaris 3 2 Campsis radicans 1 Coronilla varia 16 8 1 Dianthus armeria 5 Impatiens eapensis 6 3 Iris versicolor 1 1 Lathyrus latifolius 7 3 Leonurus cardiaca 9 2 Lonicera japonica 19 9 1 Lonicera tatarica 1 1 Medicago sativa 2 Melilotus officinalis 2 1 Nepeta cataria 29 9 1 Prunella vulgaris 2 1 Saponana officinalis 17 5 2 Satureja vulgaris 9 Trifolium pratense 18 5 Vicia villosa 2 1 Tota1 sample 858 259 17 Sphaeriothyrium sp.
Leonurus cardiaca (motherwort) is a herb with widespread use in Europe (as far back as Ancient Greece) for its cardiotonic, anxiolytic and sedative properties.