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United States economist (born in Russia) who devised an input-output method of economic analysis (1906-1999)

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Leontyev believed that civilization is complication, while simplification is barbarism and, ultimately, death--because nothing is quite as simple as death.
The streamlining, unification, rationalization, standardization, and digitalization of everything under the sun, precisely as thinkers like Mill and Leontyev intuited, means death by simplification for Western culture.
Vygotsky's colleague, Leontyev, on the other hand, explicitly attached importance to children's agency and argued that children do not simply learn to become members of a community but transform their worlds 'through [their] increasingly informed actions' (Edwards, 2005, p.
Alexei Leontyev, el mas joven del grupo, recien se habia graduado de la Universidad de Moscu en 1924, y atraido por el proyecto de construir una psicologia marxista, y habiendo demostrado un don para el trabajo experimental, habia aceptado una posicion de posgrado bajo Kornilov.
Cuando Leontyev publico un libro en 1929, el publicista inserto un prologo denunciando sus 'errores', y en 1930 fue obligado a abandonar su cargo en la Academia Krupskaya de Educacion Comunista.
Leontyev pudo continuar trabajando en psicologia, el trabajo e incluso el nombre de Vygotsky fueron suprimidos.
Mr Paton was recognised for his important contribution to the scientific and technological development of pipeline transport for energy carriers and power engineering, and Mr Leontyev received his award for fundamental research in the field of heat exchange intensification in the generating units.
With: Igor Kvasha, Tatiana Lavrova, Avangard Leontyev, Natalia Schvetz.
Russia should participate in the American actions proceeding exclusively from its national interest," said Mikhail Leontyev, an influential TV anchor on the public channel ORT, summing up the prevailing political climate.
Leontyev also wrote novels, short stories, and a revealing autobiography, Moya literaturnaya sudba (1875; "My Literary Destiny").
In addition, the company provides MyPillsOntime, an automatic medication reminder/dispenser system for consumer market," continued Leontyev.
which should produce a steady stream of income each and every quarter," concluded Leontyev.
A Rosneft spokesman, Mikhail Leontyev, was quoted as saying by TASS news agency that the company saw no risk to the Bashneft deal stemming from Ulyukayev's arrest.
Instructors and speakers include Commodity Resource CEO and Founder George Kleinman and Dennis Leontyev, a derivatives specialist.
Leontyev is a former hedge fund manager with more than nine years trading experience, an outstanding track record, and a strong trading systems developer and market analyst background.