Leonotis leonurus

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relatively nontoxic South African herb smoked like tobacco

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Conclusion: The results provide evidence that marrubiin, a constituent of Leonotis leonurus, alleviates diabetic symptoms.
Keywords: Leonotis leonurus Marubiin Hyperglycemia Insulin Antidiabetic Anti-inflammatory
The cardioprotective effects of marrubiin, a diterpenoid found in Leonotis leonurus extracts.
Antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effects of Leonotis leonurus (L.
Key words: Leonotis leonurus, aqueous extract, anticonvulsant activity, seizures, gabaergic and glutaminergic mechanisms, mice
The present study has been focused on the crude water extract of Leonotis leonurus (L.
Preparation of aqueous extract of Leonotis leonurus
The Leonotis leonurus solution used in the test against the chemically-induced seizures was freshly prepared on each day of the experiment by dissolving a given quantity of the dried extract in an appropriate volume of physiological saline.