Leonardo da Vinci

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Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect

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Renowned artist Leonardo Di Vinci was born in the nearby town of Vinci so it's little wonder the place is seeped in art and history.
Tom Foley's five-year-old has really blossomed this season and his six-length demolition of Leonardo Di Vinci at Leopardstown in December was most impressive.
There aren't very many paintings by Leonardo di Vinci and there aren't many in private hands.
While the images in "Art And Sex" are sure to get your heart racing; there is also a collection of sexual and sometimes funny quotations by a number of notable celebrities, artists and historical figures, such as: Lily Tomlin, Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Leonardo Di Vinci, Ayn Rand and many more.
The visit was arranged by the Enterprise and Development Department of North Shropshire College and funded by the Life Long Learning Project, Leonardo Di Vinci and hosted by Anne-Marie O'Brien from The Italian Job Consultants and Services.