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Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect

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The technology, which lends itself to use in the most varied fields, is fundamental for the cognitive processes that Leonardo develops in its systems, in applications ranging from the movement of autonomous platforms, to decision-making processes in complex command and control systems; from surveillance in security systems to environmental monitoring.
1505-8, one of almost 150 drawings by Leonardo da Vinci Royal Collection Trust
SAP Leonardo is a holistic digital innovation system that comprehensively integrates future-facing technologies and capabilities into SAP Cloud Platform.
A painting of Christ by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci sold for a record $450 million (380 million euros) at auction on Wednesday, obliterating previous records for artworks sold at auction or privately.
Walter Isaacson, who recently authored the door-stopping, New York Times bestselling biography of Steve Jobs, turns his attention to Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci in his latest book.
SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has announced new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for its digital innovation system SAP Leonardo , helping Middle East customers to drive digital transformation, realize business value, and connect to use case scenarios.
SAP has updated its digital innovation system- SAP Leonardo with new IoT solutions.
SAP's latest Internet of Things (IoT) solution designed for its digital innovation system, SAP Leonardo, is aimed at assisting Middle East customers to drive their digital transformation.
9 March 2017 - Italian infrared research and product development company Leonardo, through the US subsidiary Leonardo DRS, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase US-based quantum cascade laser products and technology developer Daylight Solutions, Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 9, 2017-Italy's Leonardo to Acquire US Laser Products and Technology Firm Daylight Solutions
Edilberto Leonardo the 'missing link' between President Duterte and the controversial Supt.
The gecko was named Leonardo by staff, who looked after it until it was handed into a local Pets at Home store yesterday.
An internationally acclaimed exhibition now on at the Science Museum explores the unique mechanical concepts of one of history's greatest minds: Leonardo da Vinci.
To launch the series, students, colleagues, and friends of Pedretti honor him on the occasion of his return to Italy with papers concerning Leonardo da Vinci.