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Italian pope from 440 to 461 who extended the authority of the papacy to the west and persuaded Attila not to attack Rome (440-461)

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Two Popes have subsequently been known as Great; Gregory the Great and Leo the Great.
Christ, Pope Leo the Great asserted, is like us in all respects, including his body, apart from sin.
The 'deception' theory can be found in Gregory of Nyssa's writing, but is clearly articulated in the sermons of Leo the Great.
This Augustinian conception was embraced by later Latin theologians like Pope Celestine, Peter Chrysologus, and Leo the Great, together with the recognition that baptism, although it cleansed from Original and past sins, did not remove the lust to sin, so that post-baptismal sins would occur and require penance--a penance now conceived, not primarily in terms of the established penitential discipline for capital offences but of prayer and fasting, both public and private, by which the sinful soul committed itself to God without any direct ecclesial intervention.
Pope Leo the Great (440-61) emphatically affirmed that right when he declared, "The one who is to preside over all should be elected by all.
s detailed reassessment, including some fine treatments of Leo the Great, Leontius of Byzantium and Maximus the Confessor.
Leo the Great RC Church, Lincroft where she was a member of the Rosary Altar Society.
Leo the Great Catholic Church in Sonoma, California and a regular at morning Mass.
The pontificate of Leo the Great (440-461) covered the end of the Western Roman Empire.
Leo the Great (440-461): "Christian, remember your dignity, and now that you share in God's own nature, do not return by sin to your former base condition.
A theme that is developed on several occasions is how Leo the Great, in his Christology and exegesis, develops themes from Augustine: Studer's meditation on this theme over the years led to his important article, "~Sacramentum et exemplum" chez saint Augustin', which is reprinted in this work.
Leo the Great which has a capacity of at least a thousand passengers but was only carrying around 500.
A Mass will be held at Saint Leo the Great Church, 14 Bentwood Drive, Waterbury, at 10:30 a.