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Italian pope from 1878 to 1903 who was interested in the advancement of learning and who opened the Vatican secret archives to all scholars

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In the words of Leo XIII, "What would it profit a worker to secure through association an abundance of goods if his soul, through lack of its proper food, should run the risk of perishing?
Although generally more supportive of the Third Republic than the French cardinals, Pope Leo XIII supported their criticisms of the educational policies of the French government by criticizing the French emphasis on individual liberty and autonomy.
Kuyper delivered this speech on November 9, 1891,2 so about six months after the great encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII on the rights and duties of capital and labor of May 15, 1891.
As learned academics who had mastered the rhetoric of formal discourse, Abraham Kuyper and Leo XIII produced stately prose.
This anniversary is the occasion for the publication of these two works in a new volume, Makers of Modern Christian Social Thought: Leo XIII and Abraham Kuyper on the Social Question.
The figure of Pope Leo XIII loomed large in John Courtney Murray's writings on church-state relations.
This is the third time a Pope visited the UST, which was granted the "pontifical" title by Pope Leo XIII in 1902.
American historians often position Rerum Novarum, an encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII on May 15, 1891, within the context of American labor struggles.
Pope Leo XIII, known as the Rosary Pope, issued twelve encyclicals and five apostolic letters on the Rosary and added the invocation Queen of the most Holy Rosary to the Litany of Loreto.
In 1845 Newman left the Church of England and was received into the Roman Catholic Church where he was eventually granted the rank of cardinal by Pope Leo XIII.
He told officials that he was determined to visit Rome to witness the Golden Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII.
Yet more than a century later, Leo XIII is hailed as a great intellectual who launched the modern tradition of Catholic social teaching.
In other correspondence Mr Coffey said such a beatification could be linked to the 90th anniversary of the 1891 Rerum Novarum, an open letter from Pope Leo XIII addressing the condition of the working classes.
Two of them were from the Leo XIII High School in Alappuzha and the third from the Lajjanatul Mohammadiya school.