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son of Lorenzo de'Medici and pope from 1513 to 1521 who excommunicated Martin Luther and who in 1521 bestowed on Henry VIII the title of Defender of the Faith (1475-1521)

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The chair on which Leo X is seated has armrests and is covered with a thick red fabric.
32) Luigi, slightly older than his cousin, was a particular favorite of Leo X since they had been educated together and had shared the same misfortunes.
As archbishop he ordered, on 8 March 1518, that the provincial council's decrees be observed, since Leo X had approved them after they had been examined by cardinals Tommaso de Vio (Cajetan) and Domenico Giacobazzi.
47) Barely visible in the shadows to the left is the six-palle coat of arms of Leo X, which is surmounted by the crossed papal keys and tiara.
52) According to Alberto Pio, imperial ambassador at the court of Leo X and his relative by marriage, such bells destroy malignant forces in the air.
Leo X was noted for his nearsightedness and owned various optical glasses that have been studied by scholars.
He thus suggests that Leo X owned a copy of the Hamilton Bible made for him by his father, Lorenzo the Magnificent (1449-92), and therefore it was a treasured personal possession.
In favor of the thesis that it is a "state portrait" are the facts that Raphael had painted a series of Medici portraits (of Giuliano and Lorenzo de' Medici) (75) and that the portrait of Leo X with the cardinals was later kept in the Palazzo Medici in Florence, and that palace "was the central part of the patrimony of Cosimo Pater Patriae [father of the fatherland] and of Lorenzo ii Magnifico [the Magnificent], now concentrated in the person of the Pope" who gave libera administrazione (free administration) of it to his sister-in-law, Alfonsina Orsini de' Medici.
On the left is a small gathering of spectators among which, standing behind some angels, is Giovanni de' Medici portrayed as Leo X.
Taking into account the primary dedicatee of this choirbook--Pope Leo X himself--the two lions, the lioness, and the bear may be considered as symbolizing Leo's closest relativ es and those members of the family with political authority.
On the other hand, the lion to the left is depicted resting with his palla firmly in the grasp of both paws, a pose that may have been designed to contrast a widespread sentiment in the years immediately following the election of Leo X.
This text, derived from the Biblical account of the Baptism of Christ,60 had special significance for Leo X.
Another portrait of Leo X appears later in the same choirbook, enclosed in an initial D marking the beginning of Vespers of the second Sunday after Epiphany (fol.
In this case, the favored subject is not Leo X, but his father Lorenzo ii Magnifico, who is depicted in three manuscript illuminations by Monte di Giovanni.
70) As previously discussed, the cathedral's graduals and antiphonaries produced after the Medici restoration include depictions of the family's most distinguished member, Lorenzo il Magnifico, as well as portraits of Pope Leo X and detailed representations of the events that connected him directly with the cathedral: his entry into Santa Maria del Fiore on 30 November (antiphonary Cod.