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the central structure of the lens that is surrounded by the cortex

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showed that the increasing yellow discoloration corresponds with an increasing concentration of PSSP and PSSG in the lens nucleus [116].
Cornut, "Pars plana vitrectomy combined with iris-claw intraocular lens implantation for lens nucleus and intraocular lens dislocation," Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, vol.
The lens nucleus was emulsified using a direct phaco-chop or a stop-and-chop technique.
a) The higher refractive index of the crystalline lens nucleus
The PCO and lens nucleus hardness classification was evaluated by the same physician (XHJ).
The data collected included age at the time of surgery, sex, cataract duration, surgery type, IOL materials, ocular inflammation, lens nucleus hardness, family history of cataracts, and personal history of smoking, history of drinking, diabetes, hypertension, immune diseases, high myopia, and vitrectomy.
Both lens nucleus and cortex cause intraocular inflammation includes both antigen- antibody response and delayed hypersensitivity reaction.
With ageing, there is increased light scatter due to an increased number of cortical layers and the production of large aggregates in the lens nucleus. Chromophores that absorb blue wavelength light also increase with age, leading to increased lens yellowing.
Nuclear cataracts can produce a marked myopic shift in refraction, (21) due to an increase in the refractive index in the lens nucleus, and this shift must always be suspected and carefully investigated in a patient with nuclear cataract.
The phaco chop technique was used for the lens nucleus, leaving the posterior epinucleus, and the viscoelastic was injected carefully between PPC and PC before irrigation and aspiration of posterior epinucleus and cortex.