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English rock star and guitarist and songwriter who with Paul McCartney wrote most of the music for the Beatles (1940-1980)


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th], Yoko Ono and The John Lennon Educational Bus( Lennon Bus ), the premier, non-profit 501(c)(3) Pro-Audio and Video recording mobile studio that has been providing hands-on experiences for students of all ages since 1998, will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of John Lennon's birth (born 10/9/40) with Imagine Peace: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSoc attempt for the Largest human peace sign.
Dorothy said Lennon became nonchalant towards his wife around 1967, five years after they tied the knot.
The Shroud of Tourin" was created in the autumn of 1966 after Lennon commented that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.
April 30, 1998: Incident involving Alan Shearer where Lennon is kicked in the head by the Newcastle striker, later cleared of misconduct charges.
Speaking to The Examiner, he said: "If scientists think they can clone Mammoths, then John Lennon could be next.
Continue reading to see artwork by former Beatle John Lennon that is currently on sale.
Although death- by- assassin does tend to inspire a certain sort of unnatural fervour -- see the Kennedys -- the feverish epidemic called ' Beatlemania', which ravaged much of the world in the 1960s, ensured that Lennon would always be the subject of careful examination.
Stephen, who resembles the iconic Beatle, will perform such timeless Fab Four classics as "She Loves You," "Twist and Shout," "Ticket to Ride," "Revolution" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" as well as solo Lennon staples such as "Imagine" and "Woman.
Originally consisting of Lennon and several school friends, The Quarrymen took their name from a line in the school song of Quarry Bank High School, which they attended.
Lennon walked away from the job on Friday night in a row over club fixtures and Monaghan players have vowed to support him.
Lennon, 28, founder of the EDL, "goaded" a crowd of followers during a rally by 2,000 supporters in Blackburn on April 2.
A candle light tribute to John Lennon for the 30th anniversary of his death Picture: COLIN LANE/ tmcl071210lennon-1 JOHN LENNON'S widow, Yoko Ono, gave a heartfelt plea for the former Beatle to be remembered "with deep love and respect" as Liverpool today marks the 30th anniversary of his murder.
television features old footage of John Lennon, and now Beatles fans are wondering whether Yoko Ono made the right decision in allowing the French car company to use her late husband s image.
GRASS ROOTS The Len-Tex Corporation has introduced a set of three wall coverings: Lennon Grass, Lennon Grass Linsey and Lennon Grass Lattice.