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the transfer of goods and services to an ally to aid in a common cause


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Many different people and stakeholders, especially our tenants and investors, can take a slice of the credit for this achievement, which wouldnt have happened without a willingness to work in partnership with Lendlease.
In her new role with Lendlease, Christie is responsible for sourcing, negotiating and underwriting investment opportunities for development projects for land purchases and joint ventures.
Lendlease announced on 17 October 2017 that it has agreed to sell a 25% stake in its Australian Living retirement village business to APG Asset Management N.
Lendlease and SoftBank have each committed USD 200m equity, and as growth occurs, will look to introduce capital partners.
Lendlease intends to improve livabillty in cities by lowering emissions in the built environment.
Neil Martin, Managing Director of Construction for Lendlease Europe, said: "Our strategy of taking a selective approach to bidding is paying off, and is allowing us to focus on prestigious projects such as this one.
A spokesman for Lendlease said: "A substantial part of the land affected is owned by the council and the Lendlease Retail Partnership, but there are a number of other ownerships that are required permanently to complete the site.
It plans to use proceeds from the development to fund a complete refurbishment of Church Hill House while a number of other businesses would also be affected and Lendlease has held discussions with them.
Corporate Culture's client experience includes working for Microsoft, Wal-Mart ASDA, Sky and LendLease, among others.
Newcastle and Middlesbrough-based xsite architecture is part of the team headed up by Bovis Lendlease, chosen to develop the Hub - a business centre for the creative industries on the site of the former Palace Theatre.
Subject to planning, work will start in November 2010, with a design team led by Bovis Lendlease.
He worked with Hertz, Avis, LendLease, National Car and Truck Rental and Fleet Management Associates.
by Jason Grimes, Construction Manager, Bovis LendLease, Liverpool
Being built by Bovis Lendlease for Berkeley Homes, the high specification properties start at [pounds sterling]250 K.
It would see the firm's parent company, Bovis Lendlease, stepping in to save the Parly project if Bovis Scotland go bust.