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German physicist who studied cathode rays (1862-1947)

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Despite the extensive size of Bravo, Nuvolari Lenard created a stunning low profile with exquisite proportions reminiscent of a sport yacht rather than a superyacht.
"Everyone knows how the business works," says Lenard, noting that there is "something cool going on there.
Lenard, who retired after a 36-year career in education, said the small school allowed teachers to work closely with one another on projects.
Rzepka asks an interesting question at the conclusion about what Lenard will choose to do in later years, but wisely does not really answer.
"Convenience stores serve 160 million customers a day in every community across the country 24 hours a day" says Jeff Lenard, VP of strategic industry initiatives at NACS, based in Alexandria, Va.
In 1961 Lenard considered the problem of a system of infinite charged planes free to move in one direction without any inhibition of free crossing over each other [1].
Por meio da leitura dos artigos escritos por Lenard (1902; 1906), podemos afirmar que ele forneceu importantes contribuicoes para a elucidacao do efeito fotoeletrico, ao discutir sobre a hipotese do gatilho, determinando que a velocidade dos fotoeletrons ejetados independa da intensidade da luz e que a intensidade da corrente desses fotoeletrons aumente com a frequencia.
London, United Kingdom, April 21, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Lenard Pink's walking tour, The Wild & Wonderful Women of Westminster will dissect, poke and prod those women who have battled, campaigned, fought and slept their way into the history books.
Finally, attention is given in three essays to Lenard D.
The chorus was launched by Mary Lenard, director of the Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging, and Marge Ostroushko, a radio producer whose credits range from "A Prairie Home Companion" to "Speaking of Faith." They share a longtime friendship, a can-do attitude and an intimate experience with Alzheimer's: Lenard's father and Ostroushko's mother.
Marcel d'Entremont was impressive as Alfred and acted the part with wonderful enthusiasm; Nina Scott-Stoddart was a hilarious Prince Orlofsky; and Lenard Whiting, Lukus Uhlman, John Lindsay-Botten and Rob O'Quinn were all very entertaining, as the peals of laughter in the audience certainly attested.
Lenard Marcus, partner at Edison, and director network member Teresa Winslow will both join Clinverse's board.
The Internet lets shoppers enter a showroom armed with the same information as a dealer, said Chantel Lenard, Ford Motor Co.'s U.S.
GREAT WAR A complaint was made by Mr Lenard Oulton, investigation officer for the Ministry of Munitions, against Thomas Vernon and Henry Dunn, rivetters, of having failed between December 1 and February 22, to attend regularly during the ordinary working hours of the establishment at which they were employed.
The victorious Under-12 squad was made up of Bonner, Raef Tanner, Aidan Shretta, Brad Lenard, Mitchell Haseid, Callum Matthews, Fritz Tautenhahn, Sami Alajiji, Ben Westley, Luke Williamson and Stan Szecowka.The Bahrain RFC team will have to find not one but two Bonner replacements.