Lena River

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a Russian river in Siberia


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Fluvial thermal erosion investigations along a rapidly eroding river bank: Application to the Lena River (central Siberia).
The closing of the Lena River acquisition is expected to take place on or before 31 December 2015 and is subject to customary closing conditions.
Other travel options are by aircraft or via a 1,000-mile boat ride up the Lena River during a brief window in the summer months when the river isn't choked by ice floes.
Artwork from students near the Lena River has become an exhibition that has traveled to the United Nations, Washington, D.C., Russia, Poland, and Alaska.
Russian President flew to a scientific research station in the Samoilovsky Island at the delta of Siberia's Lena River.
A history of Catholic churches, missions, and communities east of the Lena River, from the eighteenth century to the present time.
In the south, the winter range borders upstream of the Tyung and Linde Rivers, and adjoins the Lena River to the east.
Melancon's thesis is that the inhospitable climate and isolation of the Lena River region and the fact that high government officials owned shares in the Lena complex allowed venal owners to take advantage of miners, following a brief, benign period under a farsighted manager in the early twentieth century.
In contrast, the Lena River of eastern Siberia, also about the size of the Mississippi, sports a 32,000-square-kilometer delta--the largest in the Arctic, says Milne.
Of all parts of Siberia, no place so richly deserves this connection as the grand Lena River Valley.
Rawicz and his companions were able to slip under the fence and head to the banks of the Lena River with little difficulty.
"But between 160,000 and 150,000 years ago, solar energy was near a maximum at all latitudes below 65 degrees, yet glaciers grew and combined all across northern Eurasia from Ireland nearly to the Lena River in eastern Siberia.
SWIRL OF COLOUR: Circles eroded in the African deserts of Mauritania; ICE FLOW: The spectacular Mayn River in Siberia; BLUE LAGOON: Water fills part of Lake Carnegie in Australia; DELTA FORCE: Lena river cascades into the seas off northern Russia; GOLD FINGERS: Fjords in Iceland; DUNES: Namib desert, Namibia
Emergency officials co-ordinating work on building the town's defences said that a wave of meltwater more than a metre high was roaring down the Lena river and was due to have hit Yakutsk, which has a population of 200,000.
To the eyes of a traveler tiding the current north, the Lena River wilderness looks utterly untouched.