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Synonyms for lien

the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged

a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm

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At the Allen Institute, Lein leads a team working to uncover the suite of genes that make human brain cells unique from each other and from the brain cells of mice.
Fourth, Lein said, "The phenomenal improvement in rehabilitation and complex injury care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Hospital and Brooke Army Medical Center revolutionized how quickly we are able to get the wounded healed and back into the arms of their Family and often, back to their unit."
Lein and Schexnayder perform an important service not only to policy makers--their intended audience--but also to the general public, by tearing the veil off the newest political myth around welfare: that ending AFDC was actually good for poor families.
In terms of the specific ingredients of Lein's book, there are ten chapters: 'The Nature of Planning'; 'Defining the Environmental Approach'; 'Making Plans'; 'Natural Factors in Environmental Planning'; 'Landscape Inventory and Analysis'; 'Natural Hazard Assessment'; 'Environmental Modelling and Simulation'; 'The Decision Support Perspective'; 'Ethics, Conflict and Environmental Planning'; and 'The impact of Change'.
"One of a family's biggest problems is losing Medicaid," Lein points out.
It was a bookmakers' benefit as the first two winners of the day, What A Fuss and Lough Lein Spirit were returned at 40-1, with hunter chase winner Archer returning at 33-1.
To answer these questions, Edin and Lein used an unusual research design.
Lein received the necessary medical attention in the pediatric intensive care unit at Tawam Hospital where an integrated medical team has been formed to supervise her health.
ANNWYL Olygydd, Rydym wedi cael ein swyno wrth weld Cnocell y Coed (yr iar) yn dod yn agos at ffenestr yr ystafell fyw i fwyta'r peli braster sy'n hongian ar y lein dillad.
Edited by Eva Lein, Duncan Fairgrieve, Marta Otero Crespo, and Vincent Smith
The Lein before that I win Tes Afr pro cr Leinster boss insisted the Guinness Series Ireland needed to at least one of their Tests against South Africa and Australia to prove their World Cup credentials.
SEO Agency's General Manager Rhyce Lein (Australian) states, “The past 6 months have been a real eye opener to the potential in Singapore for companies like ours.
Richard Lein said the US and EU sanctions against Iran's energy sector can trigger a recession in the eurozone and hit the global economy by dramatically lifting oil prices.
The Championship takes place on Loch Lein in Killarney, Co Kerry, in June.
CUTLINE: (1) Nancy vonHone, Jan Seymour and Monnie Rockwell (2) Matt Lein and