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(trademark) a child's plastic construction set for making mechanical models


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I would really like it if you would bring me Xbox One, Spider Controller, Lego Set, Ninjango Lego Set and a Batman Vehicle.
After submitting it to a site where ideas for new LEGO sets are considered, it was eventually picked up by the Denmark-based toy company where the design was refined before going in to full production.
Customers can receive unlimited LEGO sets for as low as $9.
My parents bought me a Lego set because they know I really love them and I'm super creative with them.
Students [prototype] with a LEGO set, and then can translate their ideas into a 120-pound robot for competition.
You can build a variety of things out of a Lego set.
Encouraging them to get creative, this Lego set is sure to put a smile on their face - and yours as you enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet.
I can still remember delight when mum bought me for Christmas my first Lego set, which comprised a lunar lander station, with a space car and articulated astronaut.
THE most expensive gift in the Christmas catalogue from the Neiman Marcus department store in Dallas, Texas, is a pounds 70,000 Lego set - a personalised statue made out of the children's favourite building bricks.
There are endless possibilities with this LEGO set.
The house was then put into a warehouse and Seamus told how it looked like a large Lego set.
They include Baby Annabel, Barbie Rapunzel and Bratz dolls plus Beyblades spinning tops, Fimbles books and videos, and Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets Lego set.
All the parts in a Lego set can always be used and reused, but the Erector Set, for all its modularity, is not as reusable in practice as Lego.
Begich continues, "People should think of this product as an intelligent LEGO set.