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He pointed out the process under the Constitution is "ambiguous on account of the retention of the corresponding provision under the 1973 Constitution which was made suitable to a unicameral legislative body.
Just a third of the Senate is up for re-election in any given election since the legislative body has six-year, staggered terms so that seats change between midterm and presidential elections.
Dang deems it "unacceptable" that the Pan-African Parliament, which been in existence for 12 years, has not been able to achieve its goal of becoming the continent's legislative body.
According to the Constitution, the first meeting of the new legislative body should take place the latest 15 days after the elections.
On Thursday, the Sudanese president, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, demanded the national legislative body comprised of the parliament and the council of states to conduct a comprehensive review for the experience of the decentralised governance.
Hussain said Pakistan is ready to enhance communication with China's legislative body and promote bilateral cooperation.
The legislative body also asked about total power generation through IPPs during last three years and inquired about their actual capacity.
The ruling de facto annulled the elections, dissolved the 2012 parliament and reinstated the 2009 unicameral legislative body.
Thousands of tobacco-growers gathered in front of the building of the Bulgarian Parliament to request more state subsidies as the legislative body debates on second reading the state budget for 2011.
He oversaw the establishment of the Court of Final Appeal, the highest legal institution in Hong Kong, except when Beijing's legislative body decides to give legal interpretation to override the rulings.
Illegitimate Interim Government of Kyrgyzstan wants to transform into illegitimate parliament, ex-Prime Minister Felix Kulov said in an interview with AKIpress in his comments on the initiative of the Interim Government to set up a temporary legislative body.
Summary: A powerful Iranian legislative body is drafting a new vote law in an attempt to avoid violence in future elections, but conservative hardliners warned the legislation would likely usher in a new era
Speaking at the end of the parliament's open session here today, member of the Parliament's Presiding Board Hassan Qafouri Fard said the Iran-Oman agreement is among the various bills sent to the legislative body for verification and approval.
Defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi on Sunday appealed against Iran's elections result to the legislative body, the Guardian Council, a statement on his website said.
It is humbling to be so well thought of by this auspicious legislative body and to be entered into the record of the great State of New Jersey.
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