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Mrs Davies adds: "As the proposal meets the legal criteria, it is proposed that a diversion order be made."
"There is no legal framework or legal criteria that organise the work mechanism at such offices.
He said that the 13member selection committee for appointing Board of Governors (BoGs) of the IHA was not meeting all legal criteria and the new government de-notified the previous committee.
The university did not meet legal criteria set by the regulatory body but the deputy director of HEC attestation Abid Hussain illegally attested his degree by misusing his authority.
She said that hiring online maid was completely safe as there was no chance of theft by maid as before hiring maids, a thorough security inspection was being done as per legal criteria.
The EU and BiH officials reviewed the progress achieved so far in key political, economic and legal criteria and the implementation of the Reform Agenda.
However, the amendments stipulated that the interior minister has the right to exempt some governorates and border areas from the previously mentioned legal criteria of choosing mayors, due to the special needs and circumstances of these areas.
Up to now there have been no initiatives to reevaluate our legal criteria for public servants.
This body would make its own assessment if the legal criteria for an opening of a probe were met.
Those who promote and fabricate such lies and overstep the jurisdiction of the relevant international organizations and pressure them to serve their own agenda have no credibility or any moral and legal criteria to appoint themselves judges; rather they are the ones who should be accused and held accountable for their lies and crimes, the source affirmed.
"This is the first part of the process, whatever will happen, it will be according to the law and all legal criteria will be fulfilled," he said.
I am particularly concerned at his finding that the North of Tyne deal "does not appear to meet the legal criteria for establishing a Combined Authority set out in section 110 of Labour's 2009 Local Democracy and Economic Development Act.
Coun Ashby added: "The North of Tyne devolution does not appear to meet the legal criteria."
The apex court registrar further mentioned that the certificate attached to the petition, submitted through lawyer Farogh Naseem, did not meet the legal criteria.Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, in the petition, stated that the Election Bill 2017 was passed to accommodate ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
and legal criteria in respect of medicinal products as objects of legal