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Further, satisfying the legal criteria under the Rome Statute poses challenges.
In establishing the legal criteria against which physicians should be evaluated, malpractice law usually endorses conventional market routines (physicians regulate their own criteria).
Although they had faced severely limited access to abortion under Burmese law, 26 of the 27 women referred by the system met the less-restrictive Thai legal criteria and 24 obtained a safe procedure from a Thai provider.
The decisions are based on legal criteria," he added.
He's also a leading advocate for legal criteria that would mandate what could be called a vodka based on ingredients and origin, like regulations created for tequila, Champagne, Bourbon or Cognac.
The sticking part will be the political and legal criteria.
In this regard, there is sometimes lack of information about the legal criteria used to judge the skilfulness or unskillfulness in performing an activity.
com/birminghammail Post: Birmingham Mail, Floor 6, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, B24 9FF NOW that the junior doctors ballot has satisfied all the legal criteria (ie 98 per cent for industrial action) will the Government now recognise this and support the strike - or at least recognise that there is a genuine grievance to be addressed - and will Jeremy Hunt now stop briefing and negotiating through the media and enter into proper negotiations?
the daily newspapers, because the anticipated legal criteria for informing and publishing from the state institutions will only respect the criteria of online media.
The commission - the EU's executive - had previously dismissed a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) against TTIP, arguing that it did not meet the required legal criteria.
They enable doctors to obtain a court order that requires severely mentally ill patients who meet certain legal criteria - - if they are unable to care for themselves or are unwilling to take medication - to adhere to treatment.
A Inadequate Insights: Legal Criteria and Their Limitations
BSRA had already taken over the bank's management stating that it failed to meet legal criteria.
And based on this declaration the ICC prosecutor has already started a preliminary examination to decide whether or not the legal criteria are met to open investigation.
Representatives have argued Uber is are engaged in unfair competition and its transport services do not meet the legal criteria, since there are no licenses and documents for the drivers.