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Synonyms for consideration

Synonyms for consideration

a careful considering of a matter

concentration of the mental powers on something

a feeling of deference, approval, and liking

something given in exchange for goods or services rendered

Synonyms for consideration

information that should be kept in mind when making a decision

a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting)

a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone


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a considerate and thoughtful act

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He describes the shareholder value concept and different valuation methodologies, discusses the types of accounting methodologies used in mergers and acquisitions, reviews the different types of transactions encountered, discusses the restructuring alternatives that may enhance shareholder value without merging or selling the company, reviews the legal considerations of mergers and acquisitions, and provides guidance on preparing for and managing the negotiation process and structuring and executing the transaction.
San Marcos) begin by defining the roles, responsibilities and legal considerations of paraeducators, and then describe collaborative strategies for co-teaching and support.
Each essay includes an abstract, introduction, legal considerations and a conclusion.
He said in his response to reporters' questions directed to him via communication with the media of the website of the Information Office, on the recent reform measures and his position about that, he said, he supports any action targeting the political process evaluation, taking into account the constitutional and legal considerations and preserves the rights of all Iraqi people.
It offers better tools for target-based design and design-schedule monitoring as well as updates on building information modeling, legal considerations, and cloud-based file management.
The business growth summit was well attended and featured several guest speakers, including business owners with their own stories to tell, an attorney who spoke of legal considerations when starting a business, and a videographer who discussed the advantage of using social media and video for effectively marketing a business.
Held at the city's Intercontinental Regency Hotel, the seminar was led by DLA Piper's litigation, arbitration and investigations partner Adam Vause, together with Michael Yadgar from the firm's Manama office, who outlined key practical and legal considerations for dealing with a crisis situation and managing an investigation.
One of the most significant legal considerations pertains to the correct transfer of medical records during sales and mergers, Mr.
Barrister Niamh Foley, representing the accused, said his legal team needed another week for legal considerations.
While focus is on how to create, fund, and manage a special needs trust, the author goes beyond basic documents to discuss other financial and legal considerations, employment and residential options for the disabled person, and to explain the basics of US government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
The training required is to enable sports clubs to achieve the following:- facilities/resources management, good practice, budgeting, planning, cost savings governance, organisation management and good practice, decision making financial and operational planning, management and administration fund raising, sponsorship, pursuing grants, including how to research and prepare applications partnership options, financing and legal considerations for multi partner sports projects.
The insights that he has learned about decision making will be shared to benefit each and every environmental health professional who is involved daily in decisions regarding politics, policies, finances, technology, human resources, legal considerations, liabilities, and of course, environmental health
He said Britain recognized the Syrian opposition coalition of the revolutionary forces as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, but there were legal considerations regarding the hand over of the Embassy.
The training consists of 78 training days in the security forces career field, legal considerations, security forces operations and base defense at Camp Bullis, Medina Annex and Lackland Air Force Base.
The release was based on legal considerations following a study of the cases transferred from the national safety court to the regular courts, Abdul Rahman Al Syed, a senior public prosecution official said in a statement carried by Bahrain News Agency (BNA).