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Through the legal code and its ratification by different community leaders, she finds that different Wajorese communities were linked by organized cooperation and strict legislation for their mutual benefit.
Kansan, May 12 ( ANI ): The Kansas Senate has passed a bill in the State Legislature to prevent Kansas courts or government agencies from making decisions based on Islamic or other foreign legal codes.
or by almost any other democratic country's legal codes.
Although the material evidence of Empire is crumbling, the legacy lives on in ideas, civil and legal codes, scientific knowledge and languages.
Request of offers from specialized companies for the transport, burning & disposal of toxic medical waste by all safe, secured & legal codes.
The diachronic relationship between the different legal codes is a subject actually discussed more than once in the book.
The existence of parallel and conflicting legal codes, due lack of statehood for the Palestinians, legal sources are drawn from many places such as:* Palestinian Basic Law* Israeli military and civil law* Ottoman law* British Mandate law* Jordanian law* Egyptian law* Shari'a law* International lawThe multiple sources of law create a problem for women's rights in the region, between the West Bank where Jordanian law (Family and Penal) are implemented and Gaza where Egyptian Codes apply.
Its people invented farming, the wheel, cities, legal codes, and even the first known superheroes.
The measure of our defeat is glaring--the overwhelming majority of our national languages are foreign; our legal codes are based on foreign legal codes; our ideas and traditions no longer provide the engine to drive our modernisation projects; many of our economies are dependent on foreign aid and not sustainable; none of our armies would be capable of defending our continent from a determined enemy; and our kith and kin are scattered all over the world.
The essays weigh in on the congested court dockets, voluminous legal codes, overcrowded prisons, and other trends that raise concern within the U.
LONDON: Britain's first Sharia-compliant insurance company was launched yesterday, offering motoring policies in line with the Islamic legal codes.
Lord (George) Carey also criticised Rowan Williams, accusing him of overstating the case for accommodating Islamic legal codes.
He has been embroiled in controversy since claiming the adoption of elements of Islamic legal codes in the UK "seems unavoidable".
He has been embroiled in controversy since Thursday for claiming the adoption of elements of Islamic legal codes in the UK "seems unavoidable".
Many of the legal codes of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible are secular.