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the relation between causes and effects

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In order to be regarded as a legal cause of [loss] [injury] [or] [damage] a breach of the fiduciary duty need not be the only cause.
6 Legal Cause--Retaliation ("Protected activity is the legal cause .
For example, if an employee has a written contract with an employer then the employee may have a legal cause of action if the employer fires the employee for a reason not allowed by the contract.
That is more than in Japan, where mortality caused by overworking is called 'karoshi' and is a legal cause of death.
In these cases, courts impose a requirement of legal cause, also called proximate cause.
The " Legal cause Ordinance" , issued in accordance with powers conferred on President as according to article 89 (section-1) maintains It as of considerable importance that all legislation carried out by the disqualified PM, Gilani should be given legal cover and acceptance in order to ensure that all Assembly and Senate proceedings continue, unperturbed.
Even though Blye didn't directly threaten Telefonica with legal action if it failed to comply with the SEC's request, the letter's very existence--and the fact that it mentioned Washington's designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism--suggested that her agency would find a legal cause of action against Telefonica if necessary.
Garcia] which was a legal cause of loss, injury, or damage to Daniel Duss?
Do investors have legal cause to seek compensation for damages caused by Wall Street firms?
For example, though the letter of Article 37 states that the employer may terminate an indefinite term contract upon giving the employee at least 30 daysAAE prior notice (unless the contract specifies a longer period), the reality of practice is that an employer must have a valid legal cause to terminate an employee and must have communicated this cause to the employee in the letter of termination.
Chapters are presented on intentional torts, negligence, proving breach, legal cause, limits on liability, defenses, apportionment of damages, professionals, owners and occupiers of land, special duty rules, damages, traditional strict liability, products liability, trespass and nuisance, defamation, and alternatives to litigation.
854 million that the bank had deducted from the company's account without legal cause.
We have only joined JK Rowling, now Mrs Murray, to our lawsuit against Bloomsbury after discovering legal cause of action against her within the last six years.
Those sent to the frontline have every right to expect they go there, not only with the best possible equipment and planning, but also in a just and legal cause.
A legal cause celebre includes a prosecution over one of Britain's earliest gay contact ads which ran in IT.