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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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Results: Out of all 3105 registered medico legal cases, reported cases caused by Road Traffic Accident 1230 (40%) followed by blunt injury or physical assault 966 (32%) cases, 19% by sharp weapons, 5% by poisoning, and 4% by firearm injuries.
Based on the current number of judges, each judge has been handling an additional 342 legal cases a year on average during that period - almost one every day - on top of the existing workload.
This department may be asked to reanalyze some critical evidence in the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases ever since the government hinted at retrying these legal cases in which coup plotters were convicted for the first time in the history of the nation.
A DEVOUT Christian is mounting a landmark legal case for the right to have every Sunday off work.
The news agency quoted Chebbi as saying a total of 44 legal cases had been prepared by his ministry against Ben Ali, his family and his inner circle.
Chebbi said that a total of 44 legal cases had been prepared by his ministry against Ben Ali, his family and his inner circle.
The legal cases against some Israeli officials in some EU courts is nothing but a ploy, resorted to by the West, to "domesticate" the Jewish state and put it back on the right track after it strayed away from its previous path under its extreme right wing government, Noureddin said.
Each year the SLO deals with a huge range of legal cases, and the students' work is a fully assessed part of their course.
Specifically, it analyses records of selected legal cases devoted to corruption in the US higher education.
Gilbert--who was born and raised in Manhattan and studied law at Georgetown--had been handling a myriad of legal cases but, more and more, found himself drawn to the real estate cases that involved intricate tax assessments, land contamination and corporate disclosure cases where real estate was the primary asset.
While the field is replete with excellent collections of personal narratives of the experience of disability, and, though fewer, with legal analyses of court cases, the ADA, and American disability rights history, O'Brien's skillful blending of the two genres offers readers the best of both: powerful personal narratives and a thorough grounding in legal cases, issues, and precedents which touch upon the lives of each of the people who share their experiences.
Much of the evidence for Long's arguments come from legal cases, in which citizens grappling with issues of gender, respectability, race and commercial sexuality openly expressed their views, and, in some cases, movingly recounted their experiences and relationships.
He also draws analogies between biblical stories and later historical events or legal cases.
Cole analyzes high-profile legal cases to illustrate questionable constitutional practices, without exploring their often catastrophic outcomes.