burden of proof

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the duty of proving a disputed charge

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The legal burden could be passed on to the technology vendor,
With tokens stored exclusively within the Century Business Solutions payment gateway, the legal burden of security shifts entirely from merchant to credit card processor.
He added that judges also better "understand the legal burden of proof against the Crown" in such cases.
It will be justified if the legal burden of proof could be met.
Anthony Welsh, the solicitor representing the Gleision families, said: "Getting a conviction on a charge of corporate manslaughter is very di"cult as the prosecution has to prove the manager's actions amounted to gross negligence, which is a hugely di"cult legal burden.
In the 1972 law creating the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Congress put on distributors and retailers the same legal burden of disclosure it put on manufacturers: Each and every one who obtrains information "which reasonably supports the conclusion that such product .
Ultimately, you will bear the costs and the legal burden of whatever Congress mandates next year.
Government needs to play its part by finally delivering on its pledge to reduce the heavy legal burden of care proceedings and ridiculous bureaucracy which causes huge delays that can put some people off adopting altogether.
In all cases, the legal burden remains on the lender to enforce the mortgage obligation.
The legal burden is on the operators of Web sites to restrict access by "requiring use of a verified credit card, debit account, adult access code, or adult personal identification number.
He warned that owners who believe they have passed along this burden through their contract on net leased property could still be sued and their insurance company involved since the legal burden is on the owner.
Why are two of the four mining companies willing to shoulder the legal burden of the appeal, when all stand to benefit equally if the appeal prevails?
It helps us to relieve a legal burden, as it protects the residents without putting them in jeopardy from restraints.
The federal government is constitutionally immune from paying the Georgia 911 charge because it is a vendee tax, the legal burden of which falls directly on the federal government as a user of telephone services.