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an operator that leaves unchanged the element on which it operates

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(i) left identity (resp., pure left identity) if for all a [member of] H, a [member of] e [??] a (resp., a = e [??] a),
Let F(H) be the set of all ([[member of].sub.[gamma]], [[member of].sub.[gamma]] [[disjunction]q.sub.[delta]])-fuzzy hyperideals of H and H have the pure left identity. Then for any f,g,h [member of](H), f [??](g [??] h)=g [??] (f [??] h).
This is left identity that turns into non personal power over reason, thinking and action of citizens, specific "Censor" that colonises, reduces and gains control over liberal identity.
Let us define a binary operation "[[omicron].sub.e]" (e-sandwich operation) on an ordered AG-groupoid (S, *, [less than or equal to]) with left identity e as follows:
By a unitary ordered AG-groupoid, we shall mean an ordered AG-groupoid with left identity unless otherwise specified.
Let H be an ordered LA-semihypergroup with pure left identity e.
Let a, b, c [member of] S, where S is a left almost semigroup with left identity e.
There can be a unique left identity in a neutrosophic LA-semigroup.
Further if an AG -groupoid contains a left identity, the following law holds
Key Words: Ordered LA-semigroup, left identity, left invertive law and fuzzy interior ideals.
But in the long run, without the support of a durable new left identity, this actor (to continue the theatrical metaphor) might well run the risk of over-exposure and media burnout, with the danger that his party could follow suit.
If an AG-groupoid G has a left identity e then it is unique.
(1) A right hypotopological lea A has a left bai if and only if (A", <>) has a left identity.
If a proper subset M, sub near-ring of N, in which M has left identity and M is 0-primitive on [M.sup.M].
An LA-semigroup with left identity satisfies the following Law,