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arteries that supply the liver

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The left gastric artery can take origin from aorta, celiac trunk, or accessory left hepatic artery (1-16%) and left hepatic artery (10%) [11] or may have a common trunk with the hepatic artery (1.7%) [9].
Short-term clinical implications of the accessory left hepatic artery in patients undergoing radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer.
Before puncturing the left portal vein, a catheter would be selectively inserted into the left hepatic artery. Thus, an operator obtained a visible “target” of the left portal vein.
(6) The procurement usually involves removing the left lateral segment along with the left branch of the portal vein, left hepatic artery and left hepatic vein.
Regarding the branching pattern, right hepatic artery and left hepatic artery arising directly from common hepatic artery in 1 (1.4%) case with no hepatic artery proper (Fig.
TAE of the left hepatic artery was conducted five days before the operation (Fig-3), and thereafter abdominal pain alleviated, but the size decreased little.Through a bi-coastal incision just below the diaphragm had made, the left liver was fully mobilized from their ligaments from the diaphragm and peritomium, and left hemihepatecyomy was safely conducted via Glissonian approach.
There was also significant supply seen from a branch of the left hepatic artery, as well as intercostal arteries and the left internal mammary artery.
However, Republic team doctor Alan Byrne revealed the teenager feared he would lose his life after rupturing his left hepatic artery in a seemingly innocuous challenge with Irish Amateur team goalkeeper Adrian Walsh at Gannon Park, Malahide, on Friday evening.
Andrews and his senior colleagues met up at the Republic's Malahide training headquarters yesterday barely 36 hours after the 18-year-old Everton defender came within seconds of death after rupturing his left hepatic artery in a freak training ground accident.
He had a hole in the left hepatic artery that was leaking.