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a branch of the celiac artery that supplies the lesser curvature of the stomach and the abdominal part of the esophagus

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Normally, the first root forms the left gastric artery, the second root forms the splenic artery and the third root forms the common hepatic artery.
The coeliac trunk takes its origin from the abdominal aorta and supplies the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, spleen and pancreas through its three branches namely splenic artery, left gastric artery and common hepatic artery.
Suggested collateral pathways in cases of splenic artery thrombosis include anastomosis between the right gastroepiploic artery (from the gastroduodenal artery) and left gastroepiploic artery (from the splenic artery) on the greater curvature of the stomach and gastric branches of the left gastric artery and short gastric arteries (9).
In 2013, a retrospective study of patients who underwent left gastric artery embolization demonstrated 8% body weight loss at 3 months compared to controls.
Jie, "Aberrant left inferior bronchial artery originating from the left gastric artery in a patient with acute massive hemoptysis," CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology, vol.
In gastric artery embolisation, an interventional radiologist threads a catheter up (or down, depending on her entry point) to the left gastric artery and deposits a slew of tiny beads to reduce the flow of blood to the gastric fundus, the upper part of the stomach.
Similarly if common hepatic artery originates from the left gastric artery, it is classified as type X according to the classification of Michels3 (0.
Urgent angiography of the left gastric artery revealed extravasation of contrast material from the gastric body (Figure 1).
Distal gastric was resected following the connection between the right of the first descending branch of left gastric artery and the left of the first vertical branch of big gastroepiploic left artery.
Histological examination showed a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma with involvement of the para-oesophageal and left gastric lymph nodes.
The reason for the predominance of location at this site is that the submucosal arteries in the lesser curvature are direct branches of the left gastric artery, whereas in the rest of the stomach, the submucosal vessels are of much smaller caliber because of their serial branching.
2), which revealed a pseudo-aneurysm off a branch of the left gastric artery (LGA).
2] Metastasis in perigastric lymph node(s) more than 3c from edge of primary tumour or in lymph node along left gastric, common hepatic, splenic or celiac arteries.
Trace the left gastric artery towards the oesophagus till it curve posteriorly round the superior surface of the omental bursa.
25 cm in length below the aortic hiatus, dividing into left gastric, common hepatic and splenic arteries.